Sunday, October 10, 2010


It’s my mum’s birthday today, 10th October 2010, or rather, 10.10.10! It is also my nephew, Tengku Mikhail, or affectionately known as Miki’s 7th birthday today!

To both my mum and Miki, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope both of you have a great day today. Thanks, Ma, for everything! Hugs and kisses from the 3 of us, Nun, Azman and Aiman.

For my mum’s birthday this year, I decided to embroider her set of bath and hand towels. I was so busy with work lately that I only managed to work on it just the weekend before her birthday. I thought that the gift wouldn’t arrive in time for her birthday, but, luckily, Pos Malaysia did a great job of delivering the parcel in speed time – in 2 days!

Here’s the gift, and my mum said she loves it! Phew! Glad that she likes them!

She has untied the ribbon, but she wished that she could tie them up again the way I had tied them as she said that they no longer look presentable when untied! LOL! *grin*

It’s OK, Ma, it’s meant to be used! *smile*

Hugs, and Happy Birthday again!

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