Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a week!

First, my son was down with the flu. He had a fever that was going up and down. His cough was worrisome as he has asthma. He also had the sniffles. We took him to the clinic on Saturday night, 9th October, and on Sunday he looked fine. Then, he suddenly had a fever on Sunday evening. We decided against sending him to school on Monday. My son missed school too on Tuesday as he was still coughing despite taking all the medicine prescribed to him.

I took him to the clinic again on Tuesday evening, and he looked fine on Wednesday. But, he came back from school to tell me that he threw up 4 times in school that day. We had no choice but to send him to school on Thursday as he had missed too many days of school and the week after next is already his exam week. But, fortunately, the fever and the sniffles subsided, but not the cough, but he was coughing far between.

On Sunday morning, 17th October, 2010, before my son could fully recover from the cough, my hubby started complaining of not feeling too good. He took a dose of panadol and went back to bed after breakfast. All Sunday, all he did was sleep.

On Monday, my hubby did not look so good and so he decided to take the day off from work to try to rest and recover. In the meantime, I too started having a sore throat and my nose was starting to get clogged up. But, with my son not fully recovered yet from his cough and with hubby now down with the flu, I had to stay strong. On top of that, I had meetings all lined up all day on Mondays through Thursday. I told myself that I shall hang on until Friday as on Friday, I am free of any meetings and so might be able to take leave from work. (I never did, actually. I ended up in the office doing a report for my boss).

However, on Wednesday, I couldn’t pull myself out of bed to get to work. My body was aching all over. I slept all morning, but had to pull myself out of the bed at 11.00am as I needed to get to work to attend a management meeting. I made it to the meeting, came back home, pushed myself to get dinner ready, but was in bed by 9.00pm. In fact, the whole family slept at 9.00pm that night and Thursday night. Everyone was just not feeling good. But, I was back at work on Thursday although my hubby got another day of MC, his fourth day for the week. I sent my son to school as usual.

I felt much better on Friday, and my hubby, though he was still coughing, but he was feeling better. He too went back to work as he has a lot of work to catch up with.

The family is feeling much much better today. I think we are all now on the way to full recovery though my son still coughs from time to time due to his asthma. We are keeping a close eye on him like an eagle as this coming week is his exam week. The slightest sign of any flu coming up and it is the clinic we shall go! LOL!

What a week! What a sick week! LOL!

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