Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More embroidered towels!

I had a couple of orders for embroidered towels, and I have been busy working on them the past few weeks. Take a look at what I have managed to come up with.

I just love seeing how the designs come to life as Em, my faithful embroidery machine, works on the designs. It’s like you are painting a picture, but instead of brushes, you use threads and needles, and it is a great feeling to see the results of your, well, rather, Em’s piece of work.

Embroidering is like an extension of my architectural training, when before this I feel great seeing how the buildings that I have designed becomes a reality, it is the same feeling too, though on a much smaller scale, and with less the stress, rather, very much less the stress of seeing a building come to life! I don’t have to deal with difficult contractors! LOL!

Any of these designs are available for orders at Uniquely Aznique, or, make a request for a special motif, and if I can get them or is available, I will surely fulfil your order.

Thank you to Rosni and Bakiah for your orders.

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Embroidery said...

It surely would be the best gift to any one......