Monday, October 11, 2010

Sleeping at the racing circuit

My son had been asking me to make a set of pillow and bolster case for him from the fabric he had chosen at Kelvin’s some time back, but I kept putting it off as I had some orders to fulfil. However, this weekend, I was feeling a little bit unsettled and fickle minded. My son wasn’t in the best of health. He has been coughing since Friday, and that got me worried and anxious. I could not concentrate to do anything, yet, I needed to do something to take my mind off my worries so that I don’t end up getting my hubby stressed out with my overly anxious mood.

I was itching to make a bag, but that would need more concentration, which I wasn’t in the right mind to do. Then I remembered the pillow and bolster case which my son had wanted me to do. I thought this would be just the right time, him being sick and all. Maybe the pillow and bolster case would perk up his mood and make him feel better and get him to recover from his coughing faster.

I set about making the pillow and bolster case just before lunch on Sunday, 10 October 2010 and finished it at 5.30pm the same day. It was a straight forward pillow and bolster case. There were no frills, and so it was quick to do.

My son loves them, and as you can see from the photo, he got himself immediately comfortable with the pillows.

Here’s a close up of the motif on the pillows. He’s definitely going racing in his dream every night from now on, for sure! LOL! *wink*

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PenglipurLara said...

Hey! I bought the same material too thinking that I would turn it out as a backpack or messenger bag for my 2 sons... and they have been asking for their F1 bag. *sigh!* I really need to work on that...but with so many house chores to do...not sure I can get it done by new year... LOL!

Did you do together with the bedsheet as well? I am sure it would turn out great!