Thursday, October 28, 2010

NNC Tea Coaster Exchange 2010

This is another long overdue posting, but , never the less, it is something that I need to post, if not for anything else, to show off the lovely tea coasters I got all the way from Italy!

Yup! My partner for this exchange is Ann, a Malaysian residing in Italy. I got from her 4 postcards showcasing the skylines of Genova where Ann is staying. Makes me want to go there someday!

She also sent me a pack of pink ribbons, which I am too `sayang’ to use! LOL! It looks lovely staying in the pack! LOL!

Of course, I must not forget the tea coasters itself! LOL!

Ann made not just the tea coasters, but also a teapot coaster too, and in my favourite colour too! They are, however, too precious to actually be used as they are made using Chinese silk fabric, and Ann had crocheted the edges to add the green colour, which has always been my favourite colour to match my favourite pink colour!

Thank you so much, Ann! Thanks for the ribbons and postcards too!

At my end, my partner to send out to is Alynn. As her favourite colour is purple, I decided to embroider her purple butterflies to make up the tea coasters.

It’s a pretty simple tea coaster. I am almost embarrassed when I compare my work to the ones the other members made for this exchange! *blush!* However, I wish Alynn still likes the tea coasters I made for her.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food! Food! And more food!

I wanted to blog about this many weeks ago, but so many things happening over the last few weeks that it has left me with very little time to blog.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that my brother-in-law, Mahfiz, opened up a Mee Rebus stall at the Tanjung Food Court in Kota Damansara some months ago.

I wanted to promote his stall to get more people to visit his stall as his Mee Rebus is really good.

However, before I could even blog about it, he smsed to everyone that his Mee Rebus Stall there is no longer in operations as he was not making money there. There simply was not many customers patronizing the place, and keeping the stall open was only creating a loss for my BIL.

We did however, managed to visit his stalk just 2 weeks before he ceased operation to savour his delicious Mee Rebus ourselves and to check out the place. We also wanted to show him moral support.

When we were there, it was about 8.30pm; the usual dinner time, but, the place was kind of ¾ empty. There was no dinner crowd. Even the stalls were only a third occupied. We can understand why my BIL decided to cease operations there.

Anyway, we did savour his so delicious Mee Rebus! Yum!

I could still feel the taste in my mouth as I look at these photos, and my mouth is watering just writing about this. The gravy is so thick and delicious and rich too!

I must get my BIL to serve it someday at my in-laws house! LOL! *grin*

My hubby also ordered the Sup Tulang, but he said that it was nothing so shout about.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going over the bonnet with Sue!

Recently I purchased a new embroidery kit from Epal. It was a little on the expensive side, but what made me decide to buy it anyway is because it had a set of 12 Sun Bonnet Sues!

I was supposed to go to class to learn how to use the kit (the price of the kit came with 2 free classes), but I couldn’t find the time to go to class, but I also could not wait to try out the kit!

So, on Saturday, 23rd October 2010, while I keep a watchful eye over Aiman whose exam is this coming week, I worked on the Sues!

I don’t know if it is the right way to do it, but I did it anyway, using my limited knowledge on appliqué and embroidery.

I am quite pleased and excited at the results! Just take a look!

What do you think? Isn’t Sue just so cute and sweet? *sheepish grin*

Told you I was going over the bonnet with Sue! LOL!

What a week!

First, my son was down with the flu. He had a fever that was going up and down. His cough was worrisome as he has asthma. He also had the sniffles. We took him to the clinic on Saturday night, 9th October, and on Sunday he looked fine. Then, he suddenly had a fever on Sunday evening. We decided against sending him to school on Monday. My son missed school too on Tuesday as he was still coughing despite taking all the medicine prescribed to him.

I took him to the clinic again on Tuesday evening, and he looked fine on Wednesday. But, he came back from school to tell me that he threw up 4 times in school that day. We had no choice but to send him to school on Thursday as he had missed too many days of school and the week after next is already his exam week. But, fortunately, the fever and the sniffles subsided, but not the cough, but he was coughing far between.

On Sunday morning, 17th October, 2010, before my son could fully recover from the cough, my hubby started complaining of not feeling too good. He took a dose of panadol and went back to bed after breakfast. All Sunday, all he did was sleep.

On Monday, my hubby did not look so good and so he decided to take the day off from work to try to rest and recover. In the meantime, I too started having a sore throat and my nose was starting to get clogged up. But, with my son not fully recovered yet from his cough and with hubby now down with the flu, I had to stay strong. On top of that, I had meetings all lined up all day on Mondays through Thursday. I told myself that I shall hang on until Friday as on Friday, I am free of any meetings and so might be able to take leave from work. (I never did, actually. I ended up in the office doing a report for my boss).

However, on Wednesday, I couldn’t pull myself out of bed to get to work. My body was aching all over. I slept all morning, but had to pull myself out of the bed at 11.00am as I needed to get to work to attend a management meeting. I made it to the meeting, came back home, pushed myself to get dinner ready, but was in bed by 9.00pm. In fact, the whole family slept at 9.00pm that night and Thursday night. Everyone was just not feeling good. But, I was back at work on Thursday although my hubby got another day of MC, his fourth day for the week. I sent my son to school as usual.

I felt much better on Friday, and my hubby, though he was still coughing, but he was feeling better. He too went back to work as he has a lot of work to catch up with.

The family is feeling much much better today. I think we are all now on the way to full recovery though my son still coughs from time to time due to his asthma. We are keeping a close eye on him like an eagle as this coming week is his exam week. The slightest sign of any flu coming up and it is the clinic we shall go! LOL!

What a week! What a sick week! LOL!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More embroidered towels!

I had a couple of orders for embroidered towels, and I have been busy working on them the past few weeks. Take a look at what I have managed to come up with.

I just love seeing how the designs come to life as Em, my faithful embroidery machine, works on the designs. It’s like you are painting a picture, but instead of brushes, you use threads and needles, and it is a great feeling to see the results of your, well, rather, Em’s piece of work.

Embroidering is like an extension of my architectural training, when before this I feel great seeing how the buildings that I have designed becomes a reality, it is the same feeling too, though on a much smaller scale, and with less the stress, rather, very much less the stress of seeing a building come to life! I don’t have to deal with difficult contractors! LOL!

Any of these designs are available for orders at Uniquely Aznique, or, make a request for a special motif, and if I can get them or is available, I will surely fulfil your order.

Thank you to Rosni and Bakiah for your orders.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sleeping at the racing circuit

My son had been asking me to make a set of pillow and bolster case for him from the fabric he had chosen at Kelvin’s some time back, but I kept putting it off as I had some orders to fulfil. However, this weekend, I was feeling a little bit unsettled and fickle minded. My son wasn’t in the best of health. He has been coughing since Friday, and that got me worried and anxious. I could not concentrate to do anything, yet, I needed to do something to take my mind off my worries so that I don’t end up getting my hubby stressed out with my overly anxious mood.

I was itching to make a bag, but that would need more concentration, which I wasn’t in the right mind to do. Then I remembered the pillow and bolster case which my son had wanted me to do. I thought this would be just the right time, him being sick and all. Maybe the pillow and bolster case would perk up his mood and make him feel better and get him to recover from his coughing faster.

I set about making the pillow and bolster case just before lunch on Sunday, 10 October 2010 and finished it at 5.30pm the same day. It was a straight forward pillow and bolster case. There were no frills, and so it was quick to do.

My son loves them, and as you can see from the photo, he got himself immediately comfortable with the pillows.

Here’s a close up of the motif on the pillows. He’s definitely going racing in his dream every night from now on, for sure! LOL! *wink*

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It’s my mum’s birthday today, 10th October 2010, or rather, 10.10.10! It is also my nephew, Tengku Mikhail, or affectionately known as Miki’s 7th birthday today!

To both my mum and Miki, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope both of you have a great day today. Thanks, Ma, for everything! Hugs and kisses from the 3 of us, Nun, Azman and Aiman.

For my mum’s birthday this year, I decided to embroider her set of bath and hand towels. I was so busy with work lately that I only managed to work on it just the weekend before her birthday. I thought that the gift wouldn’t arrive in time for her birthday, but, luckily, Pos Malaysia did a great job of delivering the parcel in speed time – in 2 days!

Here’s the gift, and my mum said she loves it! Phew! Glad that she likes them!

She has untied the ribbon, but she wished that she could tie them up again the way I had tied them as she said that they no longer look presentable when untied! LOL! *grin*

It’s OK, Ma, it’s meant to be used! *smile*

Hugs, and Happy Birthday again!

Not Johnny’s Steamboat, but Aznique’s..... *wink*

We had a steamboat dinner last night, but it wasn’t at Johnny’s. Instead, it was at Aznique in USJ! Did I just open up a steamboat restaurant? Nope! We had the steamboat dinner at home, Aznique style! LOL! *grin*

I felt like having steamboat after having a simple steamboat lunch at my office on Friday upon the invitation of a friend. She had made it look so simple that I had to give it a try. So, on Saturday after the visit to IKEA, I went grocery shopping at TESCO.

In place of a proper steamboat pot, I used the rice cooker, and poured water mixed with chicken stock, a little salt and pepper. The rest are quite easy. I just prepared our favourite vegetables of pak choy, sawi, 2 types of mushrooms, chicken and beef pieces, crab meat, fish balls, glass noodles, and mee. For the dipping, I bought a bottle of Thai chilli sauce which was really good!

It was a simple but great dinner and the whole family enjoyed it!

I still have some of the vegetables and meat left over. I might serve another round of steamboat for dinner in a day or two.