Sunday, May 07, 2006

All grown up......

It was my son's 6th birthday on April 22nd. Every year since he was two, I have always organised a birthday party for him, with invities which included his cousins, uncles, aunts, close friends of ours, and of course, his Atok, Tokmama and Tokmi, but, this year, without a maid, I couldn't organised one for him because there would be no one to help me with the cooking and the cleaning up afterwards.

I wanted to at least bake him a cake to bring to his kindie, but even that did not materialize because my hubby had to go outstation the day before the party at his school, and again, without a maid, I had to spend the nite at the mother-in-laws's house the night before he party, so, no baking could be done, what more the frosting. *sigh* I feel bad.

You see, the last 4 years, for each of his birthday, I had baked him a birthday cake in shapes of a choo choo train, a bear, a pirate, and last year, it was a cat and a castle (one for the school party, and the other for the party at home). He had begun to expect a cake this year too. When I told him that without a `kakak' to help me out, I wouldn't be able to bake him a cake, much less, have a party. His response, "I will help U, mummy. I can bake a cake too!". Very sweet of you, sayang, but, no, you are too small to help with the baking......well, actually, had I not have to spend the night at my in-laws, I think I would still have baked the cake, but my hubby's last minute travel plans pushed all baking plans down the drain. Oh well, I guess my son will have to learn that he can't have everything that he asked for.

Eventually I did buy him a cake to be brought for the school party, but, funny, when I called the school to deliver the cake, the teacher wouldn't allow it because she said that a cake had already been ordered for the class and another cake would only be a waste since his class is a small one. *sigh* I had to do some explaining to my son because he was so looking forward to my coming over with the cake because, when it was his classmates' birthdays, their moms came over to deliver the cake.

I guess it was probably partly my fault for not informing the teacher earlier about my plans to bring a cake. Well, at his previous school, I only informed the school just two days before the day of his birthday, and there was no problem, but at this present school, they have a specific day each month just meant for kids of that particular month to celebrate their birthdays at one go. Different schools have different policies, I guess.

All is not lost though. My son ended up having two cakes to celebrate his birthday, though both were store bought. I bought a small one to have a small celebration at my MIL's house since I was spending the nite there and I bought a big one meant for the school.

My son blew his candles on the small one and we (my father and mother-in-law, my son and myself) had that for dessert after dinner. We had the big one the next day with 3 of his cousins, and my father and mother-in-law. I brought back half of the big the cake for my hubby for dessert that nite.

I can't read my son's mind, but, whatever it may be, I hope he understands why there is no party this year. God willing, we will have one next year, insyaAllah.
Thank you, Auntie Silo and Auntie Ti for the birthday presents. Thank you too to Tokmama & Atok for the nursery rhymes books.

Happy Birthday, sayang!
Mummy and Abah loves you very much! Thank you, Allah, for giving you to us to love with all our hearts.

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Charlene said...

Although, it is over but I still like to wish Aiman a very Happy Birthday !!!!! May all the happiness and luck abound you all year through.