Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oopps! I stashed! *grin*

Yup! I took leave today to run some errands and was in the vicinity of Yee's midway through my errands and could not resist the temptation to drop by and buy a couple of things! *grin*

I told my hubby that it won't take me more than 30 minutes, but I took close to an hour instead! LOL! *blush* It has been ages since I visited Yee's. Though none of the new items actually took my fancy, but I bought items which I thought, as usual, planning 4 rainy days *wink*, wud come in handy.

Since starting Nature's Alphabet on evenweave, I hope and plan to do more designs on evenweave, thus I bought 3/4 meters of 28ct beige evenweave. I wanted 2 actually buy only 1/2 meter, but, it was the last piece, or shall I say, the end piece, and Mrs Yee did not want to cut it, leaving only 1/4 meter, so I had to take all that is left.

I bought 1/2 meter of light brown/mocha 14ct aida for a chart which I bought also at Yee's, that is the Words of Wisdom, designed by Nancy Rossi from Dimensions. I bought another chart, Herb Window Garden, designed by Robert Jones from StitchWorld. I might this this design soon coz I simply like the herbs in pots!

One buy which I think was really worth it and made my day (my new toy!) is a superFrame, or some stitchers call it Q-Snaps, I think. I bought the 8"x8" frame to work my Nature's Alphabet and I think it really helps especially when doing the satin stitches because it helps to get my stitches looking better.

I am not sure sure I will be using the frame when working on aida since I prefer to stitch using the sewing method as opposed to the stabbing method (oohh! sounds dangerous to non-stitchers! LOL! *wink*) The stabbing method kind of slows you down. At least for me it does. I will definitely use it more often when working on evenweave.

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- Azie - said...

Start falling in love with evenweave yeahh...?? ;)