Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stitching Bees......

Linda and Azie came over today for a session of stitching. It has been quite some time since I met any of the stitchers from MYS, save for Linda who drops by each time I need to buy something from her. Thanks, Linda!

I think we managed to spend approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours of stitching after the usual pleasantries and a simple tea of instant murtabak and syrup. I would have invited more members for the stitching session, only I wasn't sure if I could handle a bigger crowd, considering that I am still without a maid to help me prepare tea, and clean up later. But, going by today's session, I think I could handle a few more people the next time around. *smile*

It was quite a relaxing session with us, three, stitching and chatting, with some light gossips in between! LOL! I hope Azie and Linda had enjoyed themselves too!

Thanks, Linda for bringing Aziq to entertain/play with my son. If not, my son would keep on `disturbing' us with all his questions to get attention. LOL! I wudn't be able to stitch as much then! *grin*

Maybe we could do it again some day?

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- Azie - said...

Ohh sure Nik, I really enjoy our stitching bee session. M look forward to the next session (with the murtabak again, please) LOL !!