Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I took the plunge!

Whoever said that once U start on evenweave/linen, that you'd never go back to aida is wrong! *wink* That person sure is making a VERY general statement, and a very grave mistake at that! LOL!

After trying out evenweave, I'll go back to aida anytime! *wink* Although I wud still attempt/consider working on more evenweaves in d future, I think I wud still make it a priority to look for patterns that I can work on aida first, and will only work on evenweaves if the pattern/design is so gorgeous that I just can't sleep dreaming about it! LOL!

Yup! I finally took the plunge and worked on evenweave over the weekend! That's it! I started on my Nature's Alphabet by Elizabeth Designs after having a very animated conversation with Zarina over the phone! LOL! I coudn't put off starting on it anymore after hearing Ina getting all excited about it. After all, I am doing a SAL with her, and I'd have to start on it soon before I get left way behind. *wink*

I must say that it was tough getting started. My eyes almost came out of it's socket just trying to count over two. LOL! I kept miscounting. I was either skipping 2 holes, instead of one, or I kept putting my needle into d next hole instead of every alternate hole! LOL! I ended up getting dizzy from seeing and counting too many holes in my 1st two sittings/attempts, but I am getting better at it - nope! not better at getting dizzy, but better at counting the holes! LOL!

I have so far stitched half stitches for the borders of 9 boxes. Am I glad that I decided to start my plunge on evenweave with Nature's Alphabet because the squares for the alphabets help me with d counting while I get used to the `problems' of working on evenweaves.

This is surely one project (working on evenweaves) where I won't be doing it in front of or while I watch TV, because then I can foresee myself doing a lot of frogging! LOL! It was hard enough counting the holes in full concentration, and I still had to frog several times, what more if I am only half concentrating while watching TV! LOL!

Since I started from the center, what better way to start off my stitching on evenweaves with the letter `N', the first initial to my name. Makes it even more `historical'! *wink* LOL!

I noticed that I work even slower on evenweave than I do on aida, because I have to be more careful with the counting. I prefer to work slower and frog less than to work fast and frog more. Patience! Patience! *wink* When frogging is less, hopefully, you get frustrated less, so I hope I will enjoy working on this piece, besides the design being very nice, but also because the good experience of working on evenweaves, and hope that it will motivate me to work more on evenweaves in the future, since there are so many lovely patterns/designs that I like which can only work better on evenweaves.

If U ask me if stitching on evenweave makes ur stitching look better than when worked on aida, I'd have to say that each one has it's own unique character! It is the love you put into each stitch that counts and at the end of the day, you are proud of what you have been able to create with your hands that matters. It's that good feeling U have at the end of every project that's important. It is all a matter of opinion as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


A n i z a said...

hey, nik! can I join yr SAL? I hv the chart somewhere....

Za said...

Sure, Niza! Please do! The more the merrier!

mamavespa said...


I just started my Nature's Alphabet II last night. Will share photo tomorrow..