Sunday, May 14, 2006

A favourite place to be......

Yep! That's my stitching room! Or, more like my craft room, since I seem to be doing all sorts of crafts! LOL!

Here it is, finally! A peek into my favourite room! Well, ok, the bedroom is also a favourite place, but don't let me get into that! LOL! *wink*

I had just organised it a bit, so it does look a lot neater! *grin* It is a 10ft x 11 ft L-shape room, and trying to take snap shots of d room is a little difficult at the shorter side of the room. Photos here are just what I can manage.

I am very proud of the room, though small, it is able to accomodate most of my craft supplies, considering I have like EIGHT hobbies! LOL! Yup! Eight! You read it right! *wink* That includes patchwork, crochet (on hold for some time but there are some threads lying around here and there) stamping, punch art, scrapbooking, card making, bead making, and of course, cross stitching!

There is a corner, well, sort of, for each category of hobbies. There is a corner for paper crafts like stamping, punch art, scrapbooking and card making, and another corner for needlework like patchwork and cross stitching. The corners do overlap since the room isn't a huge one, but I basically know where things are.

It does get disorganised and messy sometimes when I have a number of projects running at d same time, but, as much as possible, I clear up after each project because I don't like, or rather, cannot get inspiration in a messy place. *wink*

Did I just get some of my stitching friends salivating just looking at my craft room? LOL! *wink*

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nik elin said...

Nun, Happy mothers day...
You forgot ur other hobby... cooking and baking cakes...makes 10 hobbies... stark contrast to mine.. only 1 hobby... sleeping ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz