Monday, May 08, 2006

The As and Bs....

Despite a very hectic weekend of doing the usual household chores, you know, the usual stuffs - the laundry, the ironing, the cooking, the cleaning up, the sweeping - you know what I mean..heheh..*wink* (hey! I actually managed time to spend reorganizing my craft room! yipeee! *wink*), I actually managed to also squeeze in time to work some more on my Nature's Alphabet.

I have gotten as far as completing `A' already, and would have finished `B' too, when I realised that this design calls for some beads and buttons which I dn't have! Trust me for not reading the whole instructions again! *grin*

I am now on `C' and I am beginning to ENJOY working on evenweave, although I wouldn't go as far as to say that I will never go back to aida again! LOL! *wink* I spent quite a lot of time frogging due to miscountings. I think this is the biggest drawback (miscounting and frogging) of working on evenweave.

I know that many stitchers would tell me that all efforts and frogging is worth it when all is completed because of the beautiful effect the evenweave have on the ovearall effect, I would still have to say that, even though I AGREE, I still think that aida still looks nice if you choose the right design. After all, isn't it the design that makes the piece, and not so much the fabric used? You could have the worst design stitched on evenweave and it still wudn't make the design look good, and stitch a good design on aida, and you have a beautiful piece! But, then again, this is MY SAY........*wink*

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