Saturday, October 28, 2006

5 Mini Challenge

I had trouble with my streamyx connection the last few days. It does get kinda frustrating. I had to use my dial up connection on my old faithful notebook. M glad for that, but, moving from page to page was so slow at times that I almost fell asleep in front of my notebook while waiting for the pages to download! LOL!

I am happy it's (the connection) back now. *smile*

During those `unconnected' days, I did a lot of stitching and managed to complete my 4th mini for the 5 Mini Challenge. This is a design by Pam Kellogg, taken from the American School of Needlwork book. It is called VINTAGE ROSES. Kinda sweet, huh? A very small design, measuring only 3.25" x 3", done on 16ct. It's been a long time stitching on 16ct that my eyes almost went bonkers the first few nites of stitching it! LOL!

I started on my 5th mini yesterday. Will post an update on it when I have taken a shot of it.


Barbara said...

I see you've been busy. Pretty stitching you have there. What are your plans for finishing?

whitecalla said...

Yeah ! do tell, how are you going to finish it...It very pretty. Wished I live nearby so I can come to taste some of the peria, especially masak dengan ayam...yummy!

Charlene said...

Love the roses my favorate flower. Don't forget to show all the mini challenge finishing ya.