Monday, October 30, 2006

An alternative colourway

I have never, or shall I say, I can't recall ever stitching any pattern twice before this...heheh...but, yesterday I did! *grin*

Yup! I tried stitching EMS's small pincushion freebie chart in another colourway using Needle Necessities overdyeds. Hmmm....I think I like the single colourway better, or, could it be that I have chosen wrong colour, making the 2nd alternative not as nice as the 1st piece?

This NN OD colour makes the pincushion have a very there such a name? *wink*...feel to it, whereas the garnet colour of DMC815 makes the pincushion a more elegant feel.

Maybe I shud just wait for both to be completed and see which one I wud eventually prefer.

BTW, thanks, Barbara, Lillie and Lene for dropping by my blog. I haven't actually decided how I plan to finish up my VINTAGE ROSE just yet. Still in the planning.....


Barbara said...

Colour plays such a crucial role in determining the final 'ambience' of a piece. Same pattern, different floss, different feel!

whitecalla said...

Oh yes ! the color is simply classic.