Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The frog is finally jumping.....!

eerr......or, is that hopping? LOL!

Anyway, my frog project, or the oficial name, NO FROGGING ALLOWED, designed by Stitchy Kitty, is finally done! Yipee!

For such a relatively small project, I sure took a long time to complete this one! *grin* Yeah! What with the Joan Elliot Frienship Sampler Stitch-Along, my PTK exams, projects that needs to be tendered, add to that, without a maid, it is a suprise I actually finished it THIS YEAR! LOL!

I think the frog is cute! Don't you think so? LOL! *wink*

With this completed, guess I'd better be more careful in my stitching, so as not to have to frog any of my stitching, OR ELSE! heheh.......*grin*

As for my work-in-progress, that is the the xmas star project, I have started on the cross stitch portion, although the kloster blocks aren't quite done yet. I just got bored, and needed a change from doing all those kloster blocks! *grin*

It is slowly taking shape as I take quite a lot of breaks to work on my 5 mini Challenge projects. I am enjoying seeing the star take shape and as I add the cross stitch portion of the piece, it is starting to look quite nice. I am excited to see this to completion. Cheer me on, OK? *wink*

As for the 5 Mini Challenge, I here is my 3rd piece. Yup! It's definitely the same one that Barbara had stitched sometime back! LOL! I think she did post about it, but I could not recall. When I started stitching this, never did I think that another member of MYS had also stitched it earlier! LOL! Great minds think alike, huh? *wink*

Anyway, this is a design by Lizzie*Kate. I started on in on Saturday evening. It was stitched on 14ct Rustico Oatmeal. I like the look of this fabric, though it is a little soft, making stitching on it just a little bit flimsy. But, it was all worth it coz Rustico always gives that stitched piece a nice antique look. You know, kinda rustic..........but, not rusted! Errr..Should that be the other way around? LOL!


Barbara said...

That's a real good idea to stitch on Rustico. Why didn't I think of that??!!

The Christmas star hardanger is coming on nicely, so is it stitching over one or two?

whitecalla said...

Cute ! Looking awesome ! Lovely !
Loved the x'mas star and it is looking pretty oledi ! Just like u and BJ, I've done my LK Home too..thou yet to get it frame :P

Sari said...

Your frog is nice. And Joan Elliot Friendship Sampler is gorgeous!