Saturday, October 07, 2006

A completed last!

Aaahhh! Finally I can upload a photo of my completed Joan Elliot Friendship Sampler!

It feels good and a great relief to finally be able to complete this piece, coz it felt like I was taking ages to complete it! LOL! Especially when Barbara had completed her more than 2 weeks ago! But, better late in completion, rather than it becomes another Un Finished Object (UFO) again, right? *grin*

There are a few mistakes in this piece, but they were mistakes which were not `fatal' to the piece, and they were mistakes which I can live with.

It is a nice design by Joan Elliot, and I hope to do more pieces by her, but maybe a small one, for now, at least *grin*, and not so soon after this piece. I need a break from Joan Elliot! LOL!

BTW, since completing the JEFS, I have gone back to doing my xmas star hardanger project and also, the frog project. I might be able to complete the frog project in about a weeks' time or less. After that, in between doing my xmas star, I need to work on my 5 Mini Challenge projects, currently being organised at MYS, which must be completed for `show' by 1 January 2007.

I have identified 7 projects already, 3 hardangers and 4 cross stitch projects. I might still decide otherwise, but, for now, this will be it. You know how Geminians can be quite fickle minded when it comes to making up their minds about certain things! LOL!

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Barbara said...

Congratulations Nik! on finishing the JE Sampler. I know exacty how you feel ;)

I must confess that I've underestimated the sampler's complexity. I wonder if I chose the Dream Catchers or Wisdom of the East would it pose a similar level of difficulty. Looks can be deceiving huh?

The Friendship sampler is rather a big project afterall. I am glad we completed it with dazzling results I must add ;) A high-five from your fellow SAL-er!!