Saturday, October 07, 2006

My vegetable garden

Well, ok, it is not so much a garden since it is really a small one...heheh...but, it serves my purpose of planting small amounts of vegetables for my family and a few friends' consumption when the garden grows!

I just want to show off *wink* my peria garden which I planted many months ago and lovingly tended to it, and finally I am able to see the fruits of my 'labour', so to speak. It looks overcrowded coz the space that I have is very limited, and peria is a vegetable that needs lots of space to hang and crawl to grow and expand.

This morning I counted the number of fruits that has sprouted, and I am excited to find 5 pieces! Errr...are they considered pieces? *grin* Anyway, I hope they will grow to their full length and in good health. That would be really nice, wouldn't it? *smile*

Besides my peria garden, I also have daun pandan and daun pudina. I wish I had more space to plant more veggies, but, living in a intermediate terrace house does not give you much options. I used to plant my veggies on my front lawn, but, now, my front garden is landscaped with some pretty plants and flowers, more presentable when we receive guests, and having a vegatable garden, especially one that crawls all over the place, in the front simply will not create a beautiful sight! LOL!

I hope to plant more veggies that I can grow in pots, so that I can have more varieties, since my hubby and I cannot have a meal of rice without having veggies as one of the spread.

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