Saturday, December 02, 2006

Got the crochet bug!

I suddenly got bitten by the crochet bug after looking at so many lovely works by members of NNC. Oopps! My mum is going to say, "Oh no! Not another hobby!" LOL!

Since I could no longer find my old crochet hook and thread, I dropped by Brenda's Mayfair shop in Taipan USJ on Friday to check out what she has. Unfortunately, Brenda wasn't around because I wanted to ask her some questions about the size of the crochet hook that would go with the crochet thread that she stocks. Her sales assistant was not of much help. I think they are just sales girls not the least bit interested in the needlecraft, because every question I asked was replied with a shrug. Bad for the business, actually, I think.

I left with only buying a DMC815 which I was running out after using a whole skein for my EMS pincushion to be. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made my way to Evergreen at SS14, Subang Jaya and, yippee! I bought my DMC Senso Rainbow Cotton thread! The downside of this thread? It's thick, a size 3, and probably wouldn't be good for doing delicate lacework, but I bought it anyway, coz I wanted to give it a try. I also bought an MINLON brand thread, though I don't know the size of the thread, but, I think it looks like a size 10.

Tried I did! Hehehe....I haven't lost the skill to crochet even though the last time I did any crochetting was probably in my teens! LOL! Anyway, I think I am not liking the effect of using this DMC Senso, because my doily does not look as if it is going to look like a delicate piece of work. Lacework is supposed to look delicate. I think I might abandon this piece and start over with the size 10 thread I bought together with the DMC Senso.

I can't very well throw away the DMC Senso because it was kind of expensive compared to the MINLON brand, and I simply love the colour. I might use it to do a coaster perhaps. I haven't actually decided yet.

BTW, here is a doily piece which Usha gave to me more than a year ago, but, only now I remembered to take a photo of it to put it up in my blog. Thanks, Usha, for the lovely piece!


Barbara said...

I like the colour of the DMC Senso too. I suppose most craft are like riding a bicycle, you never really forget!

greenpeas said...

hi za,
i m so glad i found your blog ( someone in CARI Forum posted your link ). I m a cross stitch lover in subang jaya.. the places you mentioned; Brenda's, Evergreen, Popular annual stock clearance were all so familiar to me.. Maybe we had bump into each other before, haha..
I dropped by at Brenda's as well, last friday, looking for q-snap, but they don't have it. Looking forward for my next visit to yee's button.