Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On your mark, get set, GO!!

Aaahh! Finally the day has come for us to start on this long awaited piece! LOL! Yup, at NNC, we officially started on our Long Dong Mystery Sampler Stitch-A-Long (LDSAL) yestersay, 1st May 2007.

After about an hour of stitching, I ended up with a neckache. Why? Because the printout chart from the online magazine, Gift of Stitching, is so small that I tend to bend my neck more to read the chart. I tried to copy and print it out in a bigger size, but the output did not turn out clear.

I used to stitch with my glasses on (when I am not wearing my contacts), so I did not need to bend my head so low, but eversince I changed my glasses, it's giving me problems seeing near that I am more comfortable stitching without my glasses. I can see my stitching better, but have trouble seeing the charts that I tend to bend more to see the tiny charts. Can I last to finish this LDSAL? LOL!

So far, after about 2 hours of working on it yesterday, this is the outcome. Not much really, but I am beginning to see the colours and I am liking it as I stitch it, only I need to take long breaks, so that I don't end up having a bad neckache.

I think I will only be working on this piece on weekends, because the piece is too big to be carried around. On weekdays, I am planning to work on my off-white and purple crochet piece which is more mobile to bring around. I can even crochet in the car if my hubby is driving! LOL! This works out fine for me actually, because then I can actually get this crochet piece done sooner than if I were to totally put it in cold storage as I work on the LDSAL. I need to finish this crochet piece so that I can start working on the Wish List Exchange due in June to be sent out to Rhonda, all the way in the United States. Am I starting to panic already ? LOL!

This crochet piece is getting bigger than I expected. As it is, it is already more than 29cm (11") in diameter. I still have about 10 more rows to do before it's done. I can't wait!!

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Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Great start on your LDS SAL.

I was busy bonding with sisters, niece, nephews. Holiday is meant for gathering in house. With loads of food too.