Saturday, June 07, 2008

A birthday tote bag for BJ

I completed this bag for BJ for her birthday more than two months ago, but when it came to the actual day to mail it out for it to arrive on time for her birthday, I suddenly find myself too busy to sit down and make a birthday card to go with it.

As I do crafting only on weekends, each weekend prior to May 7 (BJ's birthday), I would plan to sit down and make a card, but weekends passed one after another, without any opportunity for me to take some time to really sit down and get creative. Things unexpectedly just simply seem to crop up at every weekend, until June came.

Oh! Oh! I am going to be ONE MONTH LATE on this one! *grin*

But, finally an opportunity came last Monday, 2nd June, when I had to take emergency leave as my hubby had a bad case of diarrhoea. I needed to stay home to make sure that his diarrhoea was not getting any more serious, and also to prepare lunch for my son and hubby, who was too weak to take care of himself, what more our son.

With my hubby settled in after a visit to the clinic, and my son happily playing games on his computer, I decided to take the opportunity to make the much elusive birthday card. LOL! I suddenly felt creative! *grin*

The birthady present finally made it's way on Tuesday by registered mail. I meant for it to be a surprise for BJ, but, since I wasn't sure if the address of BJ is still valid, I had to call her to confirm it, as I did not want to disturb Margaret, our address keeper, as she is busy with her mum who is sick, and her brother who is back from London. *grin*

So, BJ was kinda expecting the package, though she did not know what was coming her way. So, there was still some element of surprise for her. I doubt it that she was expecting me to send her a tote bag, or did she? *wink*

Anyway, it arrived safely to BJ on Thursday, and here it is.

Both sides of the bag is different. The bag, as those who have received bags from me will know, are reversible, though I forgot to take photos of the inside of the bag. Maybe BJ can help me take photos of it later when her PC is up and running again. She told me that her PC got struck by lightning during one of the thunderstorms last week.

Here is the ever 'elusive' card that got postphoned over several weekends to be done! LOL! I tried to match the colours to the bag as close as I can, just to make the card look more significant. Did BJ notice that? *wink*



Barbara said...

Well, yes you're right about not knowing what's coming my way but the minute I saw the postman carrying that huge box ... I knew it was a tote bag! :D

I don't think I noticed the similarity of the card with the design of the tote but since you mentioned it now ... it sure does :)

Thank you so much for the tote and rest assured it will see much use and not necessarily just for stashing ;)

Anonymous said...

Lucky BJ, lovely tote.

And also a very Happy Birthday to you, Nik!