Friday, June 13, 2008

It's my birthday!

Oh dear! It's that day of the year again that I get a year older! *grin* Yup, I turned..hmmmm......eerr..40 something *grin* on Sunday, June 8.

My birthday celebration started out early this year with the arrival of an early birthday present from my mystery birthday exchange partner, Janet, for the Birthday Exchange organised by BJ at NNC.

It arrived on Thursday, 5th June, but I was on medical leave that day due to a flu. When I got into the office my Friday morning, my assistant put a box on my table, and, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what the parcel was for. I was wondering if I had ordered something online, but forgotten about it (can you imagine me forgetting something I ordered online? LOL! *wink*) but, when I saw Janet's name on the box, I wondered why she had sent me a parcel. Only when I opened the box to see a red box tied with red ribbons did it finally dawn on me that Janet was my mystery birthday exchange partner! LOL!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Janet!

Eat your heart out, people, as these are what I got from Janet *grin* -

1. A handmade birthday card
2. A crocheted cupcake pincushion
3. An embroidered purse mirror
4. A ball of PINK Nona brand yarn
5. A length of ribbons in 3 colours
6. A perfumed candle in PINK!
7. Four sachets of Twining Tea
7. A green variegated DMC floss, and best of all,
8 A very lovely reversible tea cosy

Thank you so much, Janet, for everything and making it a good start to my day that day, after spending the day before that down with the flu!

I had another surprise on Saturday when my sister, Lin, had a surprise birthday party for me! *blush*

I had dropped by her house to see my mum, who was in town, and also to visit my nieces and nephews who are here for the school holidays. Little did I expect a birthday party, even when my brother arrived with his family, as I just thought that since our mum is around, it's a good time for a family gathering! LOL! Duh *grin*

Well, I suppose, my not knowing and suspecting anything made it an even sweeter surprise birthday party! Thanks, Lin, for organising everything. It was fun, and thank you so much for the lovely, and very expensive birthday present! My sister gave me a BRAUN BUFFEL photo frame!

My mum gave me a lovely birthday card with a very lovely poem written by Donna Fargo. I initially thought that my mum had written the poem as the font used to print the poem was almost similar to my mum's lovely handwriting, and I know that my mum can also write nice poems, and is good with her words.

My mum also gave me a tea set for two in, what else, but my favourite colour, PINK! Thanks, Ma! Hugs!

Looks like I am having tea just with my mum, or just my hubby, since there are only two cups! *wink* You think I should get 4 more pieecs each of the cups and saucers?

I had another surprise when my brother handed me a lovely birthday card, specially handmade by him! I did not even know that this brother my mine is actually very creative! LOL! Must be in the blood! Well, don't blame me, dear brother, because you have never actually shown the creative side of yourself, in hardcopy, that is. I know that you are very creative and talented when it comes to designing webpages! That, I salute you!

Thank you, Ayis, for the time taken to design the card! Thank you to Sufia too!

The next day, on the actual date of my birthday, as we were having breakfast, my brother called me to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY all the way from the United States! I couldn't believe it! Thank you, Nik Ai!

As we had trouble hearing each other, we decided to go online and chat. We spent, I think, close to 30 minutes chatting online, with my son, most of the time, showing off his bionicles to his cousins through the webcam.

It was lovely hearing my brother, my SIL's and my niece's and nephew's voices again, after so long. My niece and nephew now speaks english with an american slang. I remember the time when I came home after spending two years in the States when my dad was doing is Masters, also with the same slang, not knowing how to speak a single malay word, even though I could still understood the language. There we were, my grandma talking to me in kelantanese malay, and me, responding in american english, and my grandma knows not a single english word at all! LOL!

My sister from Kota Bahru also called to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My son made me a birthday card using microsoft word, and he also gave me a cute store bought bithday card. My hubby gave me a very sweet and lovely birthday card. Thank you 'Dia' and Aiman!

My hubby also took me out for a late tea cum early dinner at the Dome before he was to fly off to Japan for work.

I ordered my favourite Chicken and Mushroom Pastry Soup, though I think the pastry have gotten thinner, but the soup was still thick and yummy. My hubby ordered Lot Burger, though he initially wanted the Beef Pastry Soup, but they were out of it. My son, as usual, ordered the Fish and Chips.

Thank you, everyone, for all the birthday wishes, lovely cards and presents! Love you all!


tini said...

the card that your brother made is so cute!

Janet C said...

You're welcome and glad you liked the gift. :)
And you have a very creative family! *_^

Musliha said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nik..
Sorry, I am late..
Seen that everyone arounds love you..
Lucky you are..
Happy many returns..


Emily said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nik!!

That tea cosy by Janet is so lovely! You had a very nice day as seen in the pictures! May the rest of this year gives you loads of joy in stashing, stitching and success in your job and more family gatherings!

Barbara said...

Happy happy Birthday Nik!

Fabulous post with many good stuff for the one's soul ... and stomach too ;)

Glad you had a fine day!

Za said...

Thank you, Janet, BJ, Mus, Emily and Tini for dropping by, and thank you too for the birthday wishes!


eli said...

whoa... so many gifts u received on yr birthday :)

i didn't know ayis is very creative, only knew him as computer geek.. hehehe

btw, i miss that dome chicken pie, my favorite too! tried to make that pie few months back but was not as yummy.

glad to learn you had a great time on yr birthday!