Monday, June 30, 2008's doing or undoing?

First they split up the much fun KnK pair, then they paired Kieran with AC Mizal and Hani, which I was beginning to enjoy before Hani decided to call it quits.

They went on a `womenhunt' to look for Hani's replacement, which, eventually, they found her in Aimee, but she never replaced Hani in the morning slot, but was hopping from time slot to time slot.

Now they have paired Kieran with Adi and Nana, which, at times, I find boring, especially when Kieran goes on leave, despite all the many prizes they give away each day.

The only reason why I stay on to listen to in the morning now is because of Kieran. He keeps me entertained as I drive through traffic each morning, and keeps me awake as I get sleepy from lack of sleep the night before.

I find Nana without much creativity, and Adi, though I find him cute *wink*, he has failed to get me to interested to listen to him babble each morning. Whenever Kieran goes on leave, I will either switch on to or Light & Easy at 105.7.

Kieran's contract ends in October, so I read somewhere, and he has yet to indicate if he wants to remain at If he leaves, then will lose one listener in me in the morning.

Just as I enjoy my drive to work each morning listening to KnK then, and now Kieran alone, I also enjoy my drive home in the evening as I listen to Linda Onn. I especially like the 6.00pm slot, as that is the time when I would most probbaly be driving home, as callers call in to tell what they like or do not like to hear in "Kuasa Dua - Apa yang sedap dan tak sedap di dengar". But, as of last week, has switched Linda Onn's 4.00pm to 8.00pm time slots with Reza and Aimee's 1.00pm to 4.00pm time slot.

As much as I like Reza, I prefer that he stays in his original time slot. I prefer to listen to Linda Onn's "Itu Ini" on my journey home, rather than Reza and Aimee's story telling time. I find it boring.

Though no offence to Aimee, but I have yet to get used to her, and her taking over Linda Onn's time slot is not making me start to like her at all, though I know that it is not her decision, but the management's decision.

What exactly is trying to do? Swing Linda Onn's listeners to 1.00pm? I don't listen to the radio when I am at work, so definitely I won't be swinging over to listen the radio at 1.00pm just because I enjoy listening to Linda Onn.

As of end of last week, when I finally realised that Reza and Aimee is here to stay at the 4.00pm to 8.00pm time slot, I have started listening to Light & Easy already on my drive home, and so, has lost another listener in me in the 4.00pm time slot. Maybe they don't care since it's only me, and I am only one person, but, what if there are many more like me who is just not in favour of listening to Reza and Aimee during their drive home?

I think, in their efforts to remain number ONE, has made many changes to keep the listeners entertained, but, by making too many changes, they have upset some of us, loyal listeners, who prefer things just the way they were.

They might have gained some new listeners with their new format, but, they might just also be losing many more listeners who have stuck with them all this while.

In my opinion, breaking up KnK was their greatest undoing, and now, shifting Linda Onn's slot might just be their second greatest undoing. Didn't the survey say that their number of listeners have dropped from 6.7 million to 4.5 million recently, despite still being NUMBER ONE?

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