Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tea for six!

We had a Tea Coaster Exchange at NNC recently, organised by Usha, and I am to send to Anna, while Jess is to send to me.

I took the opportunity to personally hand over the tea coasters to Anna when I met her at the Stitching Bee recently. It saves me the worry and anxiety of waiting for the tea coasters to arrive safely to her, if I were to send my mail. It also saves me postal stamps too! *wink*

The tea coasters are to be made up in your partner's favourite colour, but you may make the tea coasters any way you like it, be it cross stitch, crochet, quilted, or otherwise, as long as they are handmade.

I decided to sew Anna the coasters as I think crocheting them will take me ages! LOL! I am glad that Anna likes blue, pink, peach and purple. It makes choosing the fabrics easy, and the fact that she likes pink too makes it even easier, since my favourite colour is also PINK!

So, here is my humble tea coaster in PINK! I hope Anna likes them, though I could not beat the lovely beaded crocheted tea coasters she made for Janet. My coasters to her are a little bit amaturish, but I had fun doing them up.

Thanks, Usha, for organising this exchange!


biblo said...

Nik, these coasters are really lovely. And the pattern of the fabric is really nice.

Emily said...

Very nice.... and pink!