Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's finally handed over!

After four years of being involved in this project from conception of idea to designing of the building to construction, and going up and down to Kuala Terengganu every two weeks on Sundays for the past 18 months, we finally handed over the building to the client department on Thursday, 26th June 2008. It was a very simple handing over ceremony, and, though I am glad that the building is finally completed, I feel sad, as this project has been a part of my everyday life for the past four years.

I have learnt a lot from this project. This project has made me wiser and more matured in my thinking and problem solving. This project has many times challenged my management capabilities to the limits, and though there were many times that I felt frustrated with the way things are going in the process of solving technical problems to ensure that the project gets built the way it was designed to be, it's been a very good learning experience which I hope will come in handy as I move forward in my career.

I came back from Kuala Terengganu with a bruised thigh and knee and a cut. While doing my inspection rounds the night before the handing over, I slipped and almsot fell into the monsoon drain which was about 6 feet deep, but managed to grabbed the grass next to the drain to break my fall, before my friend caught on to me.

I had one leg up at the opening of the drain and one leg dangling in the drain. Can you imagine the sight? It was funny when I think about it later, but it wasn't funny when I was trying hard not to fall 6 feet down, hanging on tightly to the short bit of grass.

I think had the grass not been there (it was just recently planted), I would have had nothing to hang on to to break my fall.

I have been making my rounds at this project site for the last 1 1/2 years, and I am glad that I had never had any accidents while doing my work. I have climbed up to the peak of the roof, and I have gone down to the basement of the building when it was filled up with steel and conrete, but yet, just as we were about to hand over the project to the client department the next day, I just had to fall into the completed drain the night before! LOL!

I will still be making trips to Kuala Terengganu, though not as often, as there is still the defects period, to ensure that everything architecturally that still has to be done, are done correctly, right up until the end of the defects liability period.

So, if anyone of you goes to Kuala Terengganu, do take time to look around at this building. Approach the building at night from the front, because that is when the building looks its best. *smile*


Emily said...

Hi Nik!

Congratulations on a project well done!

Sorry to read about your accident, hope you are recovering well.

Take care and thanks for visiting!

Musliha said...

Congrats Nik..
Hope ur are recoverong well..
Take care..

Za said...

Thanks, Mus and Emily, for the congratulatory wishes and also for your well wishes. I think I was more shaken than hurt.