Friday, June 13, 2008

Works in progress

Aahh! It's been a long time since I updated progress on my cross stitching. I have been so into crocheting that my cross stitching have somewhat taken a back seat. That is sad, since cross stitching is actually my very first love since my cradle days. But, you tend to get influenced by friends who are very creative, and while that is not actually a bad thing, it does distract you from what you have actually set yourself up to do! LOL!

Anyway, back to some progress report on the pieces that I am currently doing, here is the LHN piece which is only about a third done. I have not been working on it at all for the past 3 weeks, except for about 20 minutes last Saturday. I miss working on it, but I have promised my two nieces to make each of them something for ther birthdays, which coincidently are both in August. Oh my!

I promised something in PINK for Kuyana, and something in PURPLE for Kuyasmin. They both like the pouch I made for their mum, and would like me to make them something similar too in their favourite colour.

So, here is the purple (it looks kind of blue in the photo. Must get my camera checked) yarns for Kuyasmin's pouch. I will be using a combination of MINLON (offwhite) yarns and WINA ( dark and light purple) yarns.

I have not gotten the things for Kuyana's present yet. I want to give it more thought first before I start on it as Kuyana is going to be 15 years old this August. I want to try to make something that she can really make use of for a long time to come. That is, if I have lots of time to make it. If not, it's going to be another pouch like her mum's, but in PINK! *wink*

Here is a sneak peak of a work in progress of something I am making for someone who I am not telling yet who it is. Will keep you all posted once this is completed, mailed out and received.

Again I am using a combination of MINLON yarns and WINA yarns. The variegated one is MINLON, and though I expected it to fluff up a lot, I was able to work with it without having to pull my hair out too much! LOL! The grey one is WINA, while the pink one is also a MINLON, the same colour taht I am using to make my amigurumi cat.

On my Mandala Gardens, I have only worked on it a little bit more since the last WIP report, although I have reached the bottom part of the piece already. I only stitch on this at night after dinner is done, but I can't work on it for long as I am having problems with my multifocal lenses, despite changing the lenses for the second time. It's a slow progress, but complete it, I must!

BTW, here is the progress on the amigurumi cat I started some weeks back, but got sidetracked by the baby booties for Fatin. As you can see, there aren't much progress, although I did complete the body part, but I stopped when I was having problems doing the ears. I just could not get it right. I am not giving up on it totally, though, but just putting it aside while I work on the presents for my nieces.


Paul Lionel said...

Where did yo get the variegated MINLON yarns Nik? They're pretty!

But I can't see the amineko though. ^-^

Miss 376 said...

Great to see someone else who has more things on the go than I do. Hope you get it all done in time. It all looks beautiful

Emily said...

Nik, I dont like my multifocal too. Still using my bi-focal for everything!