Sunday, June 29, 2008

A very slow progress

I can't seem to move fast enough with this Mandala Garden piece I am currently doing. It's a big piece, and even though I have put in a lot of stitches, I can't see much progress on the piece.

There are also many nights lately that I do not pick up the piece to work on it at all. I have been coming home terribly exhausted lately, mentally and physically. As much as I try to keep my eyes open, I find myself dozing off in front of the TV on many nights.

There are some nights when my hubby is out at the gym, I will try to stay up so that I can put in just a few stitches, just to make some tiny progress, but, I end up staring at the wall in front of me. It's just one of those times when things are simply hectic at work.

I look forward to the weekends when I can relax a bit, and catch up on some household chores, and spend more quality time with my hubby and son, going out just the three of us. I treasure these times, because they are becoming more and more precious as hubby and I get more and more busy with our careers.

Another piece I am working on is the LHN Chocolate Shoppe, which is my take-along project as it travels with me whenever I have to go outstation. However, I didn't progress much on this piece either as the lighting in some hotels rooms are simply not condusive for stitching. But, I bring my stitching along anyway, just in case.

The photo does not do justice to the piece. The fabric, overdyed opalescent in a mocha kind of colour, is really nice, but, for some reason, I can't seem to take a good photo of the piece despite using my new LUMIX camera. Maybe I am not taking the photo correctly, but, I am using the auto shot, so it should turn out right. *sigh* Must get to know my camera better.

On another craft note, here is the progress on my niece's purple bag which I must complete it by her birthday in August. Oopps! That's another month or so!

I didn't think it is going to take me a long time to work on this piece, as it took me only two days to make the pouch for her mum, but, this bag is definitely much bigger, so, it does take longer. Plus, I have not worked on this piece either for some time, except for yesterday when I brought it along with me as I waited for my son to finish his animation class.

Looks like it's going to be a slow progress on all my pieces! *sigh* I need a break from work! *grin*


anne said...

Hi. Been a while...i used to dropby yr blog during AF days. Happen to be blog hopping tonite.

Wow - cross-stich. Been a while since i've seen anyone working on that. reminds me of schooldays:-)

Charlene said...

Wow ... you Mandala Garden is beautiful. Show more progress Nik. Love to see you progress.