Friday, August 15, 2008

A 08.08.08 wedding!

Last weekend, we attended my hubby’s cousin’s daughter’s (Noreen) akad nikah ceremony. It took place on the 08.08.08, considered to be an auspicious date according to the Chinese calendar, and the number 8 is always said to be an auspicious number according to the Chinese beliefs. To me, I just like the date because it is easy to remember and has a nice ring to it.

The Tok Kadi (the person who solemnizes the wedding) had requested that the groom come punctually at 8.00pm, so that he can perform the akad nikah quickly as he has another akad nikad to perform at 8.45pm for another couple, and it seems that he has been busy solemnizing many other couples all day that day. Business must be good for him that day *grin*. A very auspicious day for him *wink*.

The akad nikah ceremony went well with the groom reciting the akad nikah only once, and Noreen legally became his wife. It was a very simple ceremony by my standard as I have seen many akad nikah ceremonies steeped in traditions. Even the majlis merenjis, where the elders would give their blessings, were played down to almost too modern as the bride smiled at everyone around her and to a certain extent, even giggled on the dais.

In the older days, the bride is supposed to be very shy and demure, and at times would not even lift her head to see her new husband, less she be said to be too eager and `gatal’ (could this be translated to mean cheap?). LOL! *wink*

Noreen was our flower girl during our wedding 16 years ago, and last week, she herself got married. It was hard to belief that this cute girl 16 years ago is all grown up and married, when many cousins still consider her still very much a baby, and she’s already 25 years old! LOL!

The wedding reception was held at Istana Hotel on Sunday, 10th August. Though simple, it was a grand reception with many VIPs attending. Noreen look really radiant and pretty that night, and I think the cameraman could not take his eyes off her as he kept on focusing on her, but not on her new husband. LOL!

I wish Noreen and Riduwan much happiness, and may they be blessed with many children, good health and prosperity.

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ShannyK-L said...

hehehhee.... Long gone are the olden days of shy brides! ;) Congrats to them both! :)

BTW, its the cameraman's duty to capture a womens most beautiful day of her life mar.... besides its how they generate future business, from beautifully captured videos of us! LOL!