Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A dream house!

We attended a birthday party for two of our nieces (cousins' daughter) last weekend (more on that later). It was held at my hubby's cousin's new house which she had just moved in slightly more than a month ago.

We were taken on a tour of the lovely house, and I took lots of photos of the house. When I came back to download the photos, I realised that the house really looks like the ones you see the HOME magazines.

It's a 2-storey bungalow, and fron the outside, it looks small, and not the least grand like the bungalows you often see in the older days, but I realy like the design. Looks very homely, and not so intimidating like those rich and famous' people's house.

It is located in a gated community, like most new houses nowadays are. But, the front yard of the house is not fenced up, giving you the impression that the house has no fence, when actually it does, but more towards the back portion of the house.

The house has got one large guest bedroom downstairs that opens out into a lovely terrace facing a water feature. I wouldn't mind being a guest here too! *grin*

It has got a huge living room and a huge dining room, which is separated by cascading water into a shallow pond and a small seating area. Above this seating area are fibre optic lightings which looks like stars when at night. Really lovely!

The kitchen is rather small though, considering that the dining room is huge! The wet kitchen is even smaller, which is attached to the servants quarters - the maid has got her own wing with her own bathroom! She's even got a TV placed on the cabinet so that she can watch TV while she cooks! This cousin is rich! *grin*

Their is also a music/audio room that is off the main hall as you enter the house. I think they spend most of their time in the house there, since it looks most lived in.

The upstairs has got 4 bedrooms, where one is converted into an office for the couple. They only have one child, a son, so the other room is reserved for a second guest. All the bedrooms have attached bathrooms. All the bedrooms opens into a huge, but cosy TV room.

The master bedroom is as big as half the upstairs of my house! LOL! It's got a big walk-in closet next to the bathroom which has both the shower and tub. Heheh..both husband and wife can take their baths at the same time, and together! *wink*

This is a house I can only dream of. *sigh* Someday......someday.....


Charlene said...

Beautiful house and I love the deco as well :)

ShannyK-L said...

Really beautiful house there.. And did I spy a quilted bed spread?

I really like the water thingy IN the house! :) Brings in the ZEN ;)

BTW don't mean to pry, but look like somewhere in Putra Height? hmmm might be wrong...