Saturday, August 23, 2008

A double birthday celebration

Almost more than 3 weeks ago, on 9th August 2008, my hubby’s cousin from Germany (she married a German and decided to settle down in Berlin) decided to have a party to celebrate her daughter’s 2nd birthday. She was back here in Malaysia with her hubby and daughter for the niece’s wedding on 08.08.08 (entry Friday, August 15, 2008 - A 08.08.08 wedding!)

It became a double celebration for two nieces when another niece, whose 3rd birthday party was supposed to be on 2nd August, had to have it canceled when the child’s grandfather had a heart attack just two days prior to the birthday party, was celebrated on the same day.

It was a small do actually, but many cousins, aunties, and uncles turned up as many came from afar for the wedding.

Just look at the spread of food!

Both birthday cakes were lovely, but I forgot to taste either one of them as there was so much food served at the table that I hardly missed the cake. LOL!

The two cousins opened the presents together, and it was cute seeing the two cuties sort of `fought’ for each others presents. LOL!

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