Monday, August 18, 2008

A Messenger Bag, finally......

After much contemplation, scrutinizing of photos online and reading tutorials at several blogs, I finally took the plunge to make my hubby the messenger bag that he had asked for a few months back.

I think I must have asked Tini a thousand questions on how she made her laptop sleeve, because when I looked at her sleeve, I knew that the method for making a messenger bag would be almost similar. Thanks, Tini, for all your help.

I also knew that it would also be similar to the shopping bag I made for my bag class I took at Quilt Gallery last year. Now it is a matter of putting the two ideas together.

I worked out the ideas on paper first before I finally sat down to cut the pieces. Even as I was cutting the pieces, I was still making some changes to the design, as I adjusted a couple of things which I felt wouldn't work. Then, when I started putting the inside of the bag together, I realised that I had forgoten to sew the pocket first, so, I made another change to the design by putting the pocket in front instead.

My hubby chose which fabric he wanted to be the main fabric. As much as I like the checkered fabric, he prefered the batik cotton, so, the outside of the bag consist of mainly the batik fabric, while the inside is made of the checkered fabric.

The bag does not look too bad, right, at least, for a first timer? *wink* I hope to improve on it should I decide to do another one, maybe for myself, someday....... *wink*


Paul Lionel said...

Whoa! I would so wear that bag!! Great job Nik! Love the 'starry-starry night' fabric!

biblo said...

If you need to practice, you can always make one for me.... LOL!!!

Great job! So, your hubby took it to work today?

ShannyK-L said...

Well done Nik!

Emily said...

Very well done! I am sure your DH appreciates it!