Sunday, August 24, 2008

A BBQ dinner

My hubby has been wanting to have a BBQ for quite some time, but, like I said earlier, with our ever so busy lifestyle, we could not find time to prepare for it. Well, rather, I could not find the time to prepare the meat, the salad, and everything else that goes with having a BBQ. *grin*

But, last Tuesday, 19th August, when my mum was staying with us, we decided to do just that, despite it not being a weekend, but, my hubby and I had taken leave that day to take Aiman out as it was the school holidays. We had earlier gone to the movies to watch “Journey to the center of the earth”, and it was awesome! I enjoyed it tremendously, and I think so did Aiman, my hubby and my youngest brother.

We drop by the supermarket to get all the things to make up the BBQ before heading home. As soon as I got home, I got the chicken marinated, made the potato salad, garlic bread, the basting sauce and prepared the salads and dressing, while my hubby started getting the grill ready for the BBQ.

Immediately after our maghrib prayers, my hubby started on the BBQ. It wasn’t long before we were enjoying our BBQ chicken, burger and sausage, accompanied by fresh garlic bread, potato salad, salad, and my very own home made salad dressing. Yum!

Seen here, my hubby hard at work, grilling the chicken, with the young chef looking on and learning from the BBQ sifu, as my SIL calls my hubby. *grin*

It was real good, if I may say so myself, LOL! though some parts of the chicken were not fully cooked. My hubby said that it was because he did not grill the chicken long enough, and maybe because the fire was too small.

I think Aiman enjoyed them too as is obvious from the expression on his face! *grin* That's my youngest brother seated next to Aiman.

Despite us enjoying the BBQ, at least I did, my hubby was not totally satisfied with the way he had grilled the chicken, and he just might want to have another one again soon. Yippeee! But, errr…..that means that’s more work for me! He just grills the chicken and later wash the grill, but it is me that has to prepare the chicken, the potato salad, the garlic bread, the basting sauce, the salads and the dressing. Men! LOL! *wink*

Besides, the fasting month is just around the corner…


Paul Lionel said...

Oh yummy yummy yummy!!!

This is making me miss my parents siblings. We have BBQs back home all the time too Nik.

ShannyK-L said...

WOW NIK! Looks all so YUM YUM YUMMY! Here we do BBQ ALOT during summer since its the ONLY time we get to use the grill (electrice one-lar!). We live in an apartment block, so charcoal is a no-no.

A tip from a lazy a** mum; the potatos for salad, garlic dressing 4 bread (keep in air tight container) and chicken/meat marinating can be done 1 nite in advance. Overnite marinated chicken/meat tastes soooo... good!

nikai said...

i don't see any picture the BBQ cover.. probably that's why ayam tak masak.. did the sifu forget to cover the BBQ so that the chickens are cooked by the indirect heat, rather than the fire? hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Dear Nik,
A tip for you..if I might be of a help.. Precook the chicken in the oven, half done and finish off on the bbq grill. - Wan Z

Za said...

Thanks for all the tips, everyone, and thanks for dropping by my blog.

Will sure give that tip about putting it in the oven first a try the next time we have a BBQ.

eli said...

Hey wish we were there to enjoy the BBQ with all of you. I always enjoyed Abg Man's bbq chicken & you made delicious basting sauce!

eli said...

ohh... farhan loves that movie too, Journey to the centre of the earth!