Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's here, at last!

This week feels like it is so long. I felt like as if Friday is never coming! LOL!

It had been a very stressful week for me, what with the heavy work load, problems on site, arrogant security guards, and terrible traffic jams.

I was late FIVE times this month! I have never been late this many times before. In fact, I am hardly late for work. If ever I am late, it could because of emergency at home, my car gave me problems or my son decided to throw a tantrum in the morning. LOL! But, it’s hardly that this happens, so, being late 5 times is really bad for my record! LOL!

First, I was late TWICE this month because one of the staff forgot to return the office keys to the security desk on both occasions when he was the last one to leave the office. Despite having the spare keys, the security guards refused to open the door until after 8.30am because he said that we should be punished for not returning the keys. Can you believe this? In the mean time, he went to the canteen and had his breakfast! Doesn’t that get you mad? Uurrghhh! I made a complaint to the relevant parties. Who does he think he is?

Secondly, I was late three days in a row when the rehearsals for the Merdeka celebration caused a huge traffic congestion along all major roads leading to the Dataran Merdeka. I have no other way of going to my office but the way that leads to the Dataran. *sigh*

What gets me mad was on the 2nd day of the rehearsal, an accident occurred along one of the roads, causing an even bigger traffic problem because people stopped by the road side to watch. Uurrgh! Don’t these people want to go to work, and I had a 9.00am meeting that day!

On Tuesday, 26th August, I had a meeting in Putrajaya which ended passed 6.00pm. Getting from Putrajaya back to my office, which usually takes about 45 minutes ended up being 1 hour and 30 minutes when the driver decided to take another route, thinking that it would be faster, but we ended up being caught in a massive jam along Jalan Loke Yew!

I arrived home that day at 8.30pm.

On Wednesday, 27th August, I drove with a colleague to Johor for a meeting in Kempas. The journey in the morning took us about 3 hours and 15 minutes, just in time for our 10.30am site meeting. But, going home took us 5 hours when it rained for most part of our journey.

I was supposed to pick up my mum at my sister’s house to send her to the airport to catch a 9.30pm flight to Kota Bharu. I thought that I would be back in Kuala Lumpur by 5.30pm, or 6.00 o’clock at the latest. But, when it rained cats and dogs that day, my mum decided to ask my sister to send her to my brother’s house, since it was still early, and my brother would in turn, send her to the airport.

It turned out that my sister eventually sent my mum straight to the airport when she saw how bad the traffic was due to the heavy downpour.

I am glad that my mum made that kind of arrangement, because had she waited for me, she might just not make the flight back. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 7.00pm, and if I were to pick her up, I would have had to go via Jalan Duta to her condo, which was jam packed with cars inching along. Then, I would have to take the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) to the airport, which was also badly congested that day due to the rain. Sorry, Ma, that you had to spend a long time at the airport. Timing and the weather was kind of bad that day, but, I am glad you arrived safely in KB, despite the flight being delayed.

I arrived home that night close to 9.00pm.

I woke up this morning thinking that it was already Saturday morning. In fact, I woke up on Tuesday morning thinking that it was already Thursday morning! LOL! I must be really looking forward to the weekend! LOL!

I AM really looking forward to the weekend when I can finally do my own thing. The last few weekends since late July, have been kind of hectic what with 2 weekends we were busy with a relative’s wedding and I had to work on one of the Sundays. Last Sunday, it was training day again when the maid agency sent yet another new maid when the regular maid went on leave.

I usually get very flustered when the agent sends a new maid, because it means I would have to do a standing supervision of the maid’s work, and I would usually end up not getting much rest. This means that I will go to work the following week still not yet fully de-stressed from last week’s stress, and more stress usually gets added up over the new week. My stress level will then start to build up, after which, I will usually end up being sick, down with a flu or something.

My doctor’s advice when this happens? He will give me the normal medicine, but he will say that the best medicine is rest, and will write me an MC so that I will go home to sleep and rest for a day or two. It usual works. So, I already know that what I need when work in the office gets too stressful, and that is to take leave for a day or two to de-stress, and I would be fully revitalized when I am back at work the next day.

So, I really am looking forward to a weekend when I can do my own thing and also spend some quality time with my hubby and son.

I have a project lined up. I hope nothing unexpected turns up. If not, my cycle of stress will never break. The fasting month is just around the corner, and so, I can’t afford to fall sick.

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