Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chocolate anyone?

Yippeeee! I finally completed the LHN Chocolate Shoppe!

Phew! I am feeling so relief! This piece has been hanging over my head for some time already, because I have so many works in progress (WIP) pieces in hand, (so, what else is new? LOL! *wink*) and there are so many more pieces that I want to do. So, completing this piece means that I can start on another new project! LOL!

I have, in fact, started on another LHN piece - The Counting House, about two weeks ago when I thought that I was about to complete the Chocolatte Shop and needed another mobile project to carry with me for my travels and to the Stitching Bees.

Yeah, we had another one (Stitching Bee) on 2nd August, and it was so much fun, with so many people turning up! But, I think we did more talking than stitching! LOL!

Janet came all the way from Ipoh, and Wendy came all the way from Johor Baru! Now to wait for Radha from Alor Setar to make a trip down to KL one of these days. *wink*

Thanks, everyone, for coming to the Stitching Bee! Shall we have another one after Hari Raya, and before christmas? *wink*

Opps! Sorry! I am digressing again! LOL! *blush*

Anyway, back to my completed LHN Chocolate Shoppe piece, I don't know if you can actually see the details of this piece, but it uses DMC's Precious Metal Effects thread. The chart calls for E667, but since I could not get any, and Quilt Gallery only carries E3852, which is quite similar in colour, I decided to use that instead, and I think I like the effects.

Now that that is done, back to my new mobile project, The Counting House, I have just started a little bit, but the first sheep is starting to take shape. The chart calls for Crescent Colours (CC) and Weeks Dye Works (WDW), but, the stock of CC and WDW that I have does not include the colours required. So, instead of going online to buy them, I decided to just use DMCs, doing my own conversion by scrutinizing the photo. *grin*

I am using another 14ct opalescent aida for this piece which I bought from Dyeing4U under the Fabric of the Month Club some time ago.

I hope I won't be taking too long a time to complete this piece, as the fasting month is coming up soon in September. I tend to have more time on weekends as I don't need to take time off to prepare lunch. But, I could get lazy ang tired from fasting though! LOL!


ShannyK-L said...

Nik, congrats on your finish!
Its YOU who decide the outcome of a piece. And besides, its gonna hand on YOUR WALL rite? hehehehehe... That's why I enjoy XS, I can become the MASTER for once! hehehehehehe....

Can't really see the effects online but I love the colours on the fabric that seems to "bring out" the subject.

Emily said...

Looks enticing!

biblo said...

Congrats on your finish, Nik.. Lovely piece!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Gratz on your finish. I remember seeing you working on it at the Stitching Bee. Looks so much better in person for the opalescent aida sparkles more.