Friday, August 29, 2008

One bag, two looks

I wanted to make Margaret a tote bag for her birthday which falls on 22nd August, and when I was going through my fabric stash and found this Christmas fabric of Santa on his sledge, I knew it would be just perfect for her, since it’s maroon, Margaret’s favourite colour. I also found a matching maroon paisley fabric which would go very well with the Christmas fabric.

I completed this bag more than a month ago, and thought that I would mail it out just in time for her birthday, but, as fate would have it, I was simply too busy to drop by the post office until the day after her birthday. Sorry that you received it late, MW, but I hope that you will have a great time shopping for lots of stash with the bag. *wink*

As you can see from the photos, they are reversible, and Margaret can use the christmasy fabric when she’s going Christmas shopping, and turn it over when she’s just going out for her normal stash shopping. I think she’s going to have the paisley fabric side for most part of the year, if not all year through, as Margaret goes stash shopping all year round. *wink*

I am flattered that Margaret’s sister said that she could not believe that I had made the bag. I take that as a compliment that she thinks that my bag is as good as one made commercially. *wink*

It was also Anna’s birthday on 21st August, and I was her Birthday Exchange partner for the Birthday Exchange at NNC organized by BJ. I completed this bag much earlier than the bag I made for Margaret. I had planned on mailing this out a week before her birthday, but, again, a trip to the post office kept being put off when I simply could not find time out from work. When I eventually did find the time, I realized that I did not have Anna’s address, LOL! so, it was a desperate late night sms to Margaret to get her address, but Margaret was already on her way to dream land! LOL! Sorry to have smsed you so late and disturbing your beauty sleep, Margaret!

I eventually got Anna’s address from Usha’s earlier email to me as I was also Anna’s partner for the Tea Coaster Exchange organized by Usha awhile back.

Very sorry for the delay, Anna, but, I hope that it was worth the wait. *wink*

At the very same time that I made a bag for Anna, I also made a tote bag for my sister in Kota Bharu who celebrated her birthday on 26th July. Her favourite colour is maroon, and she loves cats, so, I thought that this fabric is just perfect for her. Some of you might remember that this fabric I had also used to make the quilt cover for Aiman. *wink*

Yeah, she received her birthday a month late since I procrastinated to go to the post office! LOL!

My sister actually asked for a crocheted shawl for her birthday when she saw the crocheted pouch I made for my older sister. But, had I made that for her, she would have had to wait for next year before she would be able to get any handmade birthday presents from me! LOL!

I received another compliment when my niece (my sister’s daughter) refused to believe that I had actually made the bag myself. She insisted that it was store bought!

*smile* Does this mean that I can now introduce my own line of “AZNIQUE” bags? *wink* Anyone interested? *wink*


Barbara said...

In one word ... FABULOUS!!

busymum100 said...

Aznique bags? Good future, in my opinion. and also, it was nicely embroidered.

Have a great weekend, and Selamat Berpuasa

eli said...

Yes K Nun, you shud commercialize your aznique products! I'm really impressed, they really look like store bought.

Aw said...

yes, very fine finishing. Lovely bags / tote. Congratulations .Nik

Wan Z said...

Very impressed with your skills..I'm sure I'll be the first in line to get hold of Aznique! I'm hopeless with needlework or handy crafts..

Congratulations, Nik!