Sunday, September 07, 2008

An ambitious project

Last year, during the fasting month, I took three bag making classes at Quilt Gallery while I waited for Aiman to finish his art class and engineering workshop.

This year too, I needed to look for another project to do while I wait for him. Usually, during the normal months, as I wait for him to finish his Saturday activities, I would buy myself a drink at Starbucks, and stitch or surf the internet. Well, I can’t do that – buy a drink - during the fasting month, can I? *wink*

Initially I just wanted to do a table runner or something, but I could not decide the pattern that I want to do. So, when I came across this comforter design at Quilt Gallery, I thought I’d give this project a go. I only realized after purchasing the materials how huge this project is going to be! LOL! I am already starting to feel intimidated by the size of the quilt! LOL! Luckily it is only a twin size, and not king size! *grin* It’s going to be a comforter for my precious one!

I started cutting up the fabric this morning, and after getting bored of spending the whole morning cutting (I am still not done with the cutting), I decided to put together a few pieces this evening. I still have the sides to sew to this piece to make it into a square piece. It is supposed to be a soccer ball. Does it look like one?

So far, I have put together 8 pieces. How many pieces do I need? 54 pieces! Boy, I sure do have a very long way to go! LOL! Overly ambitious, am I? *grin*

I wonder how long will this take me to complete. Way after the fasting month is over? I just hope that it will not be another UFO (Un Finished Object). *grin*

Cheer me on, OK, so that I will be motivated to complete it?

Looks like my Mandala Garden Is going to be taking the back seat again as I try to complete this huge ambitious piece!

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