Sunday, September 14, 2008

Can anyone tell me what plant this is?

I bought this plant some 3 years ago, and it has grown so big, and lovely!

Recently I noticed that it had grown some sort of stem that is getting taller by the day, and looks like it is going to bloom soon. But, I still don't know what plant it is. I can't even google it because I don't know what family plant it belongs to. I just bought it because I like it! *grin*

Can anyone tell me what plant is it? And, how tall will it grow to be?

By the way, look at my money plant. It started with only a small pot, but look at how it has grown and spread!

Lovely, isn't it? If only money really does grow on trees! LOL!


Paul Lionel said...

Nik I think it's a type of 'Lidah Mertua' or Sansiavera. There are many types of this plants but they all generally have the same elongated leaves and yellow stripe.

The money plant sitting on my desk has also prospered over the past 1 year. And it was only a tiny little thing that I took from my mother's pot.

niesa said...

Hi Nik, Wau memang dah besar pokok tu. Kat tempat niesa pun ramai yang tanam, mostly Chinese. Diorang kata bawa 'ong'. Tapi tak tau nama.