Monday, September 29, 2008

Mexican, Italian and American for Berbuka?

Aahh! I missed out posting on what we had for Berbuka (breaking of fast) last week, didn’t I? Heheh…was busy ‘cooking up’ something else instead. *grin* (see previous posting). Now, I am going to tell you what we had for berbuka last weekend and this weekend first.

My hubby was still in a cooking mood last week, and so, he decided, without any prompting from me, that we were going to have Mexican for berbuka. He went out shopping and came back with loads of things to make ENCHILADAS! Just look at the spread!

Here’s how you prepare the enchiladas – first goes the salads, then the meat – my hubby prepared both the chicken and beef, then the cheese, and a blob of sour cream. Rolled it up tightly and, ta da! Enchilada is served! Yum!

My hubby might not be good at preparing local dishes, but, he has got the talent for making international dishes, which works great for us!

This week, on Saturday, I got lazy…..*grin*…, make that I have ran out of ideas what to cook for berbuka *grin* So, I went out and got us 2 frozen packets of pizzasHawaiian Chicken and Chicken Mushroom. I cooked up a can of chicken soup to go with it, and I made my own garlic bread, and the meal was just as nice! Yum!

Yesterday, I decided we would go American next, since we have gone Mexican and Italian last week and the day before, So, hot dog was served New York style.

I steamed the sausage with cheese, before garnishing it with relishes and mustard. We finished it off with a serving of pineapple and rambutan in iced cold syrup for dessert! Yummy!

Ok, what shall I prepare for today’s berbuka? Hmmmm…….I think it’s going to have to be something local since I need to clear my fridge by tonight to make way for my carrot walnut cake which I will be baking tomorrow for raya.

I am already feeling hungry just talking about food! LOL!


Emily said...

Oh my! What a lovely spread! You folks are HAVING FUN!

Za said...

We sure are, Emily!

But, visiting your blog makes me hungry all the time! LOL!

nikai said...

we all raya selasa.. i thot that enchiladas look like fajitas at chili's

AbgMan said...

Yep, we had a small debate of what to call it too; fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, tlaxcalli or 'lempeng dengan daging'. well...the debate rages on....