Sunday, September 14, 2008

RAK and Image Swap

I have been meaning to put up photos of the gifts that Paul gave me when we met up for a mini stitching bee just before the fasting month, but I kept on forgetting to take photos of the lovely things until it is already too late at night.

Paul RAKed (Random Act of Kindness) me these lovely scrapbook things when he noticed that I have started doing scrapbook again after a long break. He also gave me this lovely card that he had stitched.

The card does look familiar, doesn’t it? *wink*

Yup, the card was the handmade card I made for the winner of the Posting Prize at NNC. Paul won it when he posted the 1,000th message in July. Paul’s stitching is so neat!

Thanks, Paul! Thanks for the glow stick for Aiman too. He took it to bed with him for several nights wanting to know how long the glow will last. *grin* It lasted for almost a week, though it got dimmer by the day. *grin*

On another craft note, in July we had an Image Swap. Initially there were supposed to be 4 of us, but one member had to be dropped at the last minute when she had to be out of the country for a long stretch of time. So, it ended with only me, Usha and Ying for the image swap, and Ying was my partner.

What I got from Ying was more than just the images. She also sent me some scrapbook papers, an un-mounted rubber stamp, and a lovely handmade card. I really love the style of the card. It’s different from my style, so that’s what I like about it!

Thanks for the images, and the extras, Ying, and thanks for playing!

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Paul Lionel said...

I'm glad Aiman and you liked the stuff :)