Sunday, September 07, 2008

It’s the fasting month again

Yup! Fasting month started on the 1st of September this year, and it so happens to be a public holiday for us as the Merdeka celebration on 31st August fell on a Sunday. So, we got to get Monday off. Yipppeee!! It gives our body a chance to get used to waking up in the wee hours of the morning for sahur, and to get used to the lack of sleep that we will encounter throughout the next one month.

On the first day of the fasting month, we went to check out the Bazaar Ramadhan near our house. As to be expected, there was a huge crowd as many came out to see what the stalls are offering this year. I didn’t see my usual Kelantanese stall that sells Lopat Tikam, a kelantanese dessert, which is my all time favourite. I guess I will have to wait for when I Balik Kampung to taste the real lopat tikam. I didn’t see anyone selling ayam percik either. I guess I will just have to wait for my mum to cook this delicacy when we go home next.

We didn’t buy much that first day. We have learnt our lesson from previous years that when we buy while we are fasting, we tend to think that we want to eat everything, but we ended up throwing most of it away because our tummy can only take so much.

That first day, we only bought nasi ayam for Aiman, nasi kerabu for my hubby and I had laksam. The servings were just nice.

Yesterday, I decided to make Fish n’ Chips for berbuka, and my hubby offered to do the fish while I prepared the coleslaw and the fries.

The fish was, according to my hubby, a little bland, as he did not put enough salt, but, once we ate it with tartar sauce, the dory fish was really delicious! Yum! My hubby had marinated the fish with a couple of different herbs which he got the recipe off the internet.

We finished off the meal with dessert of mixed fruit cocktail and coco de nata in evaporated milk. That was delicious, if I don’t mind saying so myself! LOL! *wink*

Tomorrow morning, for sahur, we are having barbequed chicken cooked in the oven, my style *wink*, veggies and rice.

Sounds like a big meal? Not actually. It did not take me long to cook the chicken in the oven. I have to think of food that Aiman will want to eat in the wee hours of the morning, as his eyes are mostly closed on most mornings when we get up for sahur that I have to end up feeding him. *grin*

I know that barbequed chicken is one of his favourite, so, let’s hope that he will have the appetite for it in the odd hours of the morning.

SELAMAT BERPUASA to all my muslim friends, relatives and readers of my blog.


Emily said...

Lopat tikam at Sentral:

nikai said...

thanks for the wish on my birthday. sorry tak masuk YM dah lama. that fish is yummy.. shud coat in a thicker batter next time

eli said...

wahh... nikai giving advice like a pro? how come he did not put that theory into practice eh? heheh...

btw, abg man, the fish looks yummy!!!
kak nun, i miss lompat tikam too :(

Za said...

Thanks for the heads up, Emily, on where to find my favourite dessert!

OK, Nik Ai, will let Abg Man know of your advice.

Anonymous said...

The whole point is I didnt want to coat it in batter; to beter taste the fish.