Sunday, September 07, 2008

An inconsiderate neighbour

Will you look at this fence? How inconsiderate can one be?

My immediate next door neighbour just did some painting work to their house the last few days. When they first started out, I wondered if they were going to inform us about it since the painter would need to come over to our side to finish off the painting work on our side.

It is only courteous to do that, but, this neighbour is one neighbour who is ignorant of the word courteous. They seem to live in a world of their own, just our luck, we happen to have them as our neighbour. *sigh*

When they moved in some years back, they did some major renovation to their house which included building a decorative fencing that separated us.

They never informed us that they were going to tear down the chain link fence that separated us. I came back one day after office to find the chain link fence gone. When I asked what was going on only did they explain that they intended to build a decorative fence. Can’t they at least be courteous enough to at least inform us that they were pulling down the fence so that we can be ready to come home to a naked front yard?

For several days before they built the fence, our house was open to intruders, and we were at work all day. How inconsiderate could they be?

A few months after that major renovation, we did another renovation to the back of the house. Again, I came back home one evening to find a man in my backyard building up a 9’ high brick wall. They had torn down the chain link fence again during our absence, and a worker was already building a brickwall parting us. How can someone be so inconsiderate?

And now, the painter has left two days ago, and they have left our side of the fence looking horribly like what you see here in the photo. They could have at least discussed with us and let us know what they intended to do. We could have shared the cost of the painting work for the portion that is on our side.

If they are so stingy that they don’t want to paint our side of the fence, they could have at least done a good job of the painting work instead of leaving the painting work looking so clumsy, horrible, ugly and unslightly. *sigh*

I feel like taking a red paint and painting my side of the fence and leaving ugly traces like what they did to our side of the fence, and see what their reaction will be. We have been tolerant enough of them. Even the neighbour on the other side too was not spared with their ugly painting work, and that neighbour had only just 3 months ago did painting work on their house too, but did a good job of the shared fencing.

Uurrghh! I really am going to get a RED can of paint soon!


LODY said...

i have to say go for it nik... your neighbor gotta take their own dose of medicine.
a similar thing happened to us back home, and worst, our neighbor is my mother's first cousin (the wife). unfortunately, the husband just build things w/o informing anybody... and the worst part that made my mom reallyyyyyy angry was that he exceeded a lot in the boundary line (at the backyard).:( everything was cemented and just just hard to take it back. up to now, he's enjoying that part of our backyard. my father is the peaceful kind of guy... as he said, it's just a piece of land. but still, my mother's compalaint is that "he could have told us about his plans... as a courtesy." it's just too bad that up to now, my mom and that uncle of ours didn't fix their differences, they haven't talk for almost a decade. though everything's alright between us and my aunt and their kids (as if nothing happened).

Will said...

A really good way to help them understand the trouble they have caused to you would be to paint YOUR side of this fence tio most horrible colour available so that it formed nasty streaks on THEIR side and you have the photos as evidence of their original unwanted contribution to your side of the fence.

Unfortunately, this is likely to inflame the situation without helping these idiots understand good neighbourliness.

I have added your site to my blog Bent Council, which chronicles MY Neighbour From Hell and the local Council's corruption which allowed this nuisance to continue for so long.