Wednesday, April 21, 2010

18 years already, and still counting!

My hubby and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary on 17th April 2010, alhamdullillah. Like any other husband and wife, we have had our share of ups and downs, but none too terrible to erode the love we have for each other.

We didn’t have any big celebration last Saturady to mark the special occassion. We were so tied up with work that we did not have much time to plan, especially since I had just came back from Penang just the day before.

It was like any other Saturday where we would take Aiman to his usual Saturday classes, but, we did have lunch at a fancy restaurant - we tried out the Outback Steak House at Bangsar Village I.

Here’s my son covering up his face when my hubby and wanted to get all mushy and romantic. He got embarrassed! LOL!

I had ordered the Spring Chicken which came with this really nice sauce for dipping.

My hubby ordered the Teriyaki Skewer which was served with rice.

My son settled for the full portion of Buffalo wings.

Before I ordered the Buffalo wings, I had asked the waiter how many pieces is half a portion, and how many would I get if I ordered the full portion. I was told that there will be 5 pieces for the half portion and 10 for the full portion. We decided to go for the full portion as it was the only thing that my son wanted to eat for lunch.

When the order arrived, there were only 9 pieces. When we queried about the order, the waitress gave this unacceptable reply that the servings could sometimes be 9, could sometimes be 10, depending on the size of the drummets.

They didn’t tell us this before we ordered the food. Had this explaination been told to us when we first inquired about it, probably we could have accepted the reply, but since the earlier answer given before we ordered was that we would be getting 10 pieces, we insisted that the restaurant send us the missing piece.

The waitress refused! And then came this guy whom I presume could be the Manager for the day to also tell us the same thing, and that is that they cannot give us the extra piece as the drummets served were bigger size pieces than usual.

I don’t believe this in a fancy restaurant, a manager arguing with a customer!

It wasn’t that we were so hard up for that extra piece, but it was a matter of principle. We asked and you gave us an answer and we expect you to comply to your words, and not make excuses later on. I think these people need to learn some people and communication skills especially this being a fancy restaurant and in Bangsar!

Anyway, when we finished our lunch, we headed on to the Village Grocer. My hubby wanted to buy some groceries to cook a special dinner in honour of our 18 years together.

He kept saying that he is anxious in case what he intends to cook won’t turn out the way he planned it to be. He needn’t have worried. The diner was delicious albeit a little on the dry side. I especially love the garnishing that he had cooked to pour on top of the fish. I love the vegetables too!

In fact, I love everything about it, especially of the fact that it was cooked by my dearest hubby! It was so sweet and romantic, even though it wasn’t a candle light dinner and we had sat for dinner in our pyjamas! LOL!

I love you, Dia! I hope we will have 18 years and more great years together. I hope to grow old with you, and together we get to see Aiman grow up and be successful. May we have health, wealth and long life together. Amin.


DiahRothman said...

Za, congratulations! It seems we share the same date to celebrate.... May each day ahead shower you and family with His blessings....

Sharifah said...

tahniah kak za ::) pah ni silent follower akak.... minat baca cite akak n hasiul keje akak..

:) take care

Za said...

Thanks, Diah and Sharifah, for your wishes!

Happy Anniversary to Diah too on your 27th Anniversary celebration!