Saturday, April 17, 2010

Living out of a suitcase

I have been doing that quite frequently lately. Since I travel so much lately, I don’t bother taking out the basic things that I need for my trips like the telekung (prayer outfit), robe, pyjamas, and toiletry and make-up bags. I just take out the working clothes that I wear and replace them with fresh ones.

Since February, I have been to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching twice, and to Labuan once, with each trip being an overnight stay. With each trip, I get to stay at various hotels of various star ratings. I wished that I had taken photos of all the other hotel rooms that I had stayed so that I can post them here for friends and readers of my blog can use as reference/guide to choose hotels should they be travelling and need suggestionson where to stay. Maybe I’ll start doing that after this. I did however managed to snap photos of my two most recent trips.

On my most recent trip to Kota Kinabalu, we were put up at Le Meridien. I have mostly stayed at The Promenade during most of my trips to KK, but, this time, since the travel arrangements were being made by our client department, we just went along, and WOW! This hotel is sheer 5-star luxury! LOL! The room was really big and nice! At the price we had to pay for the hotel, the room better be nice! LOL!

The hotel is very close to the Philipino Market , but, unfortunately we did not have the luxury of time to drop by the market. My friends and I however did manage to make a quick visit to the Night Market which is just next to the hotel after we had checked into the hotel room and took a quick shower.

I got myself a set of pearl necklace and bracelet while my friends got themselves buttons for their baju melayu.

I am currently in Penang (wrote this at 8.30am on Friday, 16 April, 2010, while I wait for my transport to go for my meeting) and I am staying at The Gurney situated along Gurney Drive. I love this hotel! I have stayed at this hotel on most of my Penang trips as they offer FREE internet service in the rooms!

The room is huge with a small kitchenette.

The bathroom has a Jacuzzi! Heheh..not that I have the time to dip into the Jacuzzi as I prefer to take a quick shower and spend time on the computer. *grin*

I had dinner of Fried Rice which was served with plenty of side orders but I did not like the àcar’which was served with the rice as it made the rice sour. But I love the satay, chicken wings and the fried prawns! Delicious! Went to bed feeling full and satisfied! LOL! *grin*

Here are views from the hotel room taken at night

and again taken in the morning after a hearty breakfast at the Coffee House! *grin*

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Rose said...

Wow! with such a luxurious hotel...I don't mind going outstation. Can bed hop also...