Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday, Precious!

My baby turned 10 on 22nd April 2010. We have been so busy with work lately that we haven’t had any time to plan a big birthday celebration for him. So, to make up for it, both my hubby and I decided to take leave on that day as a birthday gift to him.

We didn’t have anything concrete planned, but we told him that he can choose where he wants to go that day within the Klang Valley limits and he can chose the restaurant to have lunch.

I did however planned a little surprise for him when the night before, on my way home, I stopped by the bakery and bought a small cake. It was so impromptu that the only cake available was a German Chocolate Black Forest cake and it did not have any kiddie designs on it. So I had to get creative and asked the girl at the bakery if she could put some cartoon character just to give it that birthday feel to it.

The results? Not too bad really. *grin* She put on 2 pieces of Ben-10 sugar stickers and I bought this two ultraman figures which I placed on the cake. Pathetic, huh? LOL!

We surprised this cake to Aiman at breakfast time on his birthday, but he got a little embarrassed by it! LOL! But, he went ahead and blew the candles anyway.

I remember a time when he was between 2 – 5 years old when each year we have a birthday celebration for him, and it was time to sing him a birthday song and blow the candles, he would always end up bursting into tears! LOL!

We take it that he must have been overwhelmed with emotion by all the attention! LOL! I wonder if we were to tell him or ask him about it come 5 more years, what would his answer be to this reaction of his of bursting into tears each time we sing him a birthday song. *grin*

By the way, the cake was delicious! Not too sweet. Just the way we like it!

We had Nasi Lemak for breakfast, but, no, I did not cook it. I bought it the night before and kept it inside the fridge. It still looked and tasted good after it was heated up although the rice was a little on the dry side. The accompaniments, especially the `sambal’was delicious!

For lunch, we went to check out this new building, Empire Shopping Gallery, in Subang Jaya, which just opened that day in conjunction with Earth Day.

It was quite a big shopping mall, and I was surprised that almost all the shop lots were already occupied, this being the very first day of opening.

We even checked out this self rated Boutique Hotel called Empire Tower Hotel located on the 2nd floor of the shopping gallery. I just simply love this awesome ballroom!

The lighting changes every few minutes to give it such a romantic and mysterious ambience. I could sit in the ballroom all day just to see the colours change! LOL!

The ballroom can seat about 350 people. A very intimate crowd, certainly not meant for malay weddings where the invitation can sometimes run into the 1000s. Next we were brought to see the Coffee House which looks onto the Federal Highway.

It has the same decor as the ballroom. It was not yet quite finished but I bet the ambience they are trying to create will probably be almost the same as the ambience in the ballroom.

The hotel will only be opened in the middle of May.

After checking out Popular Book Shop, we made our way to Kenny Rogers as Aiman chose to have Kenny Rogers for lunch.

There was nothing unusual about what we ordered – just the usual ¼ chicken with the side dishes.

However I did notice that the decor and ambience of this particular Kenny Rogers is a little different from the other Kenny Rogers that I have been to before this. I would have taken photos of the restaurant, only I did not want to end up being embarrassed in case I might get sounded off like this restaurant in Kelana Jaya where the manager came up to us and told us off not to take any photographs.

I think he is either very stupid or very ignorant of the power of blogs and the IT where he could have easily gotten himself free advertising through blogs and Facebook. He had just lost his chance. I will write on that in a later posting.

Anyway, back to our birthday treat for Aiman, after lunch was over with, Aiman wanted to make a trip across the street to Subang Parade as he wanted to look for some books at MPH. He also wanted to go to Toy R Us as his grandfather had given the mandate to my hubby to get our son a birthday present. Aiman wanted to chose his own birthday present from his Atok.

Unfortunately the Toys R Us at Subang Parade has closed down as they have moved to the Empire Shopping Gallery but they have yet to start operating from the new location. With that, we made our way home as my hubby was starting to feel tired and I wanted to get back home to work on a bag and to get dinner ready. I had also brought home work, so that needed taking care of before I go back to work the next day.

It wasn’t much of a celebration day per say, but I hope that Aiman had enjoyed his outing. I am glad that I took the day off to spend time with him. It is getting more and more rare lately my time spent with him, so I appreciate whatever little time I have with him. I hope that someday he will also learn to appreciate that.

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY my precious one! I hope you will have a great year ahead. Hugs, love and kisses from Mummy and Abah.


Princess Closet said...

Aiman is a Y2K baby too! He sure does look happy:)

Za said...

Hi Azidah!

Yup! Aiman had a great time doing what he wants to do all day!