Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Taking over the dining room!

This is nothing new. Ask any of my stitching friends and they will tell you that it is a universal problem. LOL!

I think my hubby has given up on telling me not to take over the whole house! LOL! He kept saying that, for as long as he has space to do his work, read his books and be able to watch TV without having to step or avoid any of my stuff, he’s happy! LOL!

He reminds me, from time to time, that I have a whole craft room, yet my things are everywhere! LOL!

Well, when I was only doing cross stitch, crocheting, scrapbooking and making cards, the space in the craft room was sufficient. But, when I started making bags and quilts, I realised that my 10’x 11’craft room is no longer enough! LOL!

I needed space to lay out my fabrics and battings, and since my craft room is an L-shape, I kept banging onto the shelves and my 3 sewing machines just couldn’t all fit into the room. So, I slowly started inching my way into the dining room! LOL!

I also prefer to work downstairs at the dining room because I want to be as close as possible to where my hubby is watching TV, and the dining room is just perfect! The dining table is also the place where my son does his homework and workbook, and so, I can keep an eye on him while I work on my bags or quilts. It might not be quality time, but, at least we are together, instead of me being cooped up all alone in the craft room, while hubby watches late night movies on TV and I get to properly supervise my son as he does his work. I also get to multi-task as I can get the cooking going while my embroidery machine is running. *grin*

I did some reorganising of the dining room last weekend, and re-oriented the dining table to make more room for my son to do his work and my hubby can bring his laptop down should he wants to do some work and still keep my company as I work on my projects.

When before this I would be sharing the dining table with my son to do my cutting, sometimes eating into his work space with my fabrics and rulers, this time, I created some sort of a nook for measuring and cutting, which is away from the dining table.

My son likes this new layout, and my hubby is happy that things are a little bit neater and more organised. I now have a proper place for my rulers which I bought at Sakura, and had placed it at the top of my cutting board. Makes looking for my rulers easier now, when before this, I kept losing them under all the fabrics and my son’s books! LOL!

I also went out to buy some plastic containers to organise my big collection of embroidery threads, and I like it that now I can see all the colours that I have at a glance.

I also have less problems with my threads getting entangled as they are now separated by colours. I don’t have all 40 threads getting entangled together, but, instead now only the threads that are put in the same container gets entangled. It’s less of a headache. Now I just need to find a way on how to get my threads to tangle less. Any suggestions?

Here’s the corner for my Janome sewing machine.

I still need to organise the back portion of the machine where I had just dumped some of my UFOs. I am still thinking how to do it.

On the dining table, I still have my embroidery machine, but at least it looks neater and I have direct view of my son as he does his work.

I hope this arrangement stays neat for as long as possible, though you and I know that that is almost impossible! LOL! But, I am sure my hubby thinks otherwise! LOL!

Thanks for your patience, Dia! Hugs!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im new to ya blog but I think it's amazing! I was looking for a dealer for a Bernina - embroidery in KL and stumbled across ya blog. I was wondering if you could help me....would u know where I could look for a Bernina? U mentioned Sakura in Subang....hav a contact no or link to them? I am anxious to start patchwork n love embroidery.

a.niza said...

Nik...I think u can open up a shop even hehehehe.....BTW, using that folding table as a cutting table, is it sturdy?

Anonymous said...

Nik, congratulations on your organizing effort! That will remind me of my craft mags in upstairs and downstair room, beads and cross stitch in my closet, in prayer room, on the bookshelf, in the store, in the craft bag, and don't forget the dining table too LOL

OMG i better do something! :P


Za said...

Dear New Anonymous!

Sakura has recently moved to the address below -

Elitronic Sdn Bhd*
C-G-33, Ground Floor,
10 Boulevard Damansara,
Jln Cempaka, Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Email : my-elit@tm.net.my
Kelvin Chan : 012-684 3133

The name "Sakura Sewing Shop" is on their Sign Board.

Kelvin is the sole distributor for BERNINA. Give him a call to find out more.

Thanks for visting my blog!

Za said...

Niza, the table is so so la, but it is sufficient enough for cutting. Not the best table, but I like the size as it is almost the size of the cutting. It is only slightly smaller than the cutting mat.

Zai, thanks for visiting!

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

your house look like a tailor's house than an architect's house.LOL

Za said...

Well, Ma, I am no longer doing any architectural design works, meaning I don't do any drawings any more. I am doing Project Management now. But I still do go through drawings but they are now done mostly at the office.

After a stressful day at work, I just want to get away from it all and have some fun with my hobbies.


Za said...

BTW, Ma, I think it looks more like a craft shop then a tailor's shop. Tailors don't do bags. *wink*

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

u r quite right Nun. Ha.. ha. A tailor's house don't have that many things in their shops.Yaa.. A craft shop it is then.But some craft shops I have seen don't have half of what you have at home.OMG.

eli said...

Wow Kak Nun, 3 sewing machines?!! Hehe.. I think soon the whole house will be a JoAnn ministore, USJ branch :) Your collection of embroidery threads is just like the one at the craft store!..banyaknya!

Za said...

Yeah, a mini JoAnn. A shop I hope to open one day, insyaAllah. *grin*

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

Mini JoAnn sounds OK. Let us create our own business.Be the boss instead being bossed around. I am starting mine soon. Insyaallah, by May our 'Kenari Villa Guest House' will be in operation. You can all start promoting it now.

Za said...

Good luck on the your new venture, Ma! I will support you all the way! Hugs!

dodohandmade.corner said...

wow...a lot of thread....may i know where u get it..im looking for it recently...just bought my sewing + embroidery machine..thanks..