Saturday, April 03, 2010

A sombre mood at

Ever since Kieran left, followed suit later by Linda Onn, I started tuning in to other radio stations,flipping between and I felt that have sort of lost much of its lustre without my two favourite DJs, although from time to time, whenever Kieran is on leave, I would tune it to Reza and Adi on my drive home.

I do love listening to Reza and Adi, and I also do love to listen to Aznil, but I simply can’t appreciate the jokes by Din Beramboi. I find it too silly sometimes. Could it be because I am a serious person? But I must admit though that when I do listen to his jokes and `saw√°ncara’, a flitting smile do cross my face, and I must say that he is a very talented guy, able to change his voice and character within split seconds. Not many actors are capable of that, and I have found myself laughing out loud sometimes as I drive to work in the morning. LOL! *blush*

But, yesterday, when I tuned in to the minute I heard word that Din Beramboi had passed away, there was an obvious sombre mood in the air.

It was to be expected as had lost a DJ who is family to the station. Most, if not all the songs, played over the air yesterday at radio were songs that were very sombre and sad, which carries meaning of loss.

I tuned in to almost all day yesterday, feeling the loss they felt yesterday though I am no great fan of Din Beramboi, but many were. There was even one caller who cried over the radio as she sends her condolences to the family of Din Beramboi.

Din Beramboi must have touched so many lives as is obvious when you see the flood of people that when to his funeral yesterday. He will be sorely missed by many people in the entertainment industry, I am sure.

To his family, I send them my condolences. Al-fatihah.

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