Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Went restaurant hopping with a trip to Indonesia

Yeah! Right! Like I have the time to fly to Indonesia! LOL!

It’s actually a restaurant in Sunway Mentari called Baso Sapi Asli. My brother, Azan, joined us for dinner and my hubby had wanted to try out this restaurant, Jaring, which he had watched on the program A.M. Max over at TV3.

Unfortunately the restaurant was closed. So, we went around looking for an alternative and thought that this restaurant, Baso, looks interesting and worth a try.

I was initially disappointed when what I wanted to order was not available. So, I ordered an alternative and it turned out to be a good choice after all. I ordered Nasi Udang Butter which I thought was really tasty. The food came served in this very interesting bowl made from crackers.

My brother ordered Nasi Kebo Ireng which was black pepper meat with rice served in a cracker bowl. It was tasty too.

My son ordered Nasi Udang Sambal which was also served in a cracker bowl.

My son seems to like it although it was on the hot and spicy side. He commented that it was “sedap sedap!” (good! good!). *grin*

My hubby ordered the Baso Urat which was a soupy noodle with meat balls.

It tasted quite plain and bland at first, but after my hubby added all the sauces that came served with the noodle, it tasted so much better.

After dinner was done with, my hubby was still feeling hungry. My brother had earlier recommended that my hubby and I go watch a movie called Date Night as he felt that we should do something out of the ordinary once in a while. Taking cue from that, my hubby suggested that we go for dessert at another restaurant.

This time we made our way back to Subang Jaya and my hubby chose to have dessert at Benta Kaya, Kuala Lipis, Pahang. No, we did not go to Pahang, but the restaurant was named as such! LOL!

We ordered our hot drinks of Teh Tarik Ginger for my hubby, hot milo for my son and I, and Teh Shake for my brother.

The shake tasted funny. I guess I am not used to having tea made into a shake, and it looks more like Teh Tarik than a shake! LOL!

For dessert, we ordered Char Kuey with kaya and Roti Kok.

The Char Kuey was nothing to shout about, but the Roti Kok was really nice! We ordered two helpings of it! LOL!

Seen here is my hubby making a funny face as I tried to snap a photo of him with my brother.

Here's me with my precious!

We were done at 11.00pm. By then I was yawning and so was my son. We made our way back home, and after settling my son into bed, I sat to watch a movie on Astro with my brother which turned out to be an alien movie starring Nicole Kidman. I can’t recall the name of the movie though.

The movie was quite interesting although I find some scenes to be quiet disgusting when the aliens tried to inject the humans with virus via slimy saliva through the mouth. I almost wanted to puke and had to close my eyes each time scenes like that appeared! LOL!

I had asked my brother to spend the night, but he said that he has some assignments to hand in in the morning and wanted to get back to college to finish them up. He left soon after the movie.

Thanks, Zan, for coming over. I realised that my brother didn’t come over to my house solely to pay me a visit. He wanted me to mend his pants! I think that was the actual reason of his visit. LOL! *grin*

But, thanks for coming anyway, Zan. At least I still get to see you if even if you had ùdang di sebalik batu’ (other intentions) behind your visits. LOL! You pants will be mended this weekend.

Hugs and take care.


Datin Nik Zaharah said...

cracker plates?creative.What will they think next?

Pabasa said...

Weeeell... as I said I wanted to see you since I now have (well, had) free time because I just finished up my Choir competition which took up a ridiculous amount of time, even more than my studies) and just before my exams. Might as well go do it with food at the side :)

The pants needed stitching was a side issue... I don't know who else who has a sewing machine :(

But thanks for the wonderful dinner + dessert! Love ya's Kak Nun, Abang Man and Aiman!

P.S. I still recommend you guys go watch date night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aspBKFz2dBI