Friday, September 17, 2010

Been busy embroidering......

I have been busy...well, ok, since when have I not been busy? LOL! *grin*

OK, make it, I have been EXTRA busy! LOL!

Besides work and doing the household chores, I have been quite busy lately doing embroidery work on my Em, embroidering towels as gifts and also to fulfill orders. Yeah...orders! Sounds like I have loads of orders, right? LOL!

I do, actually, though not many, but enough to keep me occupied after my son goes to bed, and while I keep my hubby company (or is that the other way around? LOL!) whenever he watches one of those war movies. I have fun playing around with the beautiful designs available online and personalising it with names for that special someone.

You know, it does make a lot of difference when you gift someone something personalised. It makes that person feel special that you actually took the trouble to have it personalised.

I made these for a friend who got married on the second day of Hari Raya.

I made these for my brother and SIL for their 17th Wedding Anniversay. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Nik Ai and Eli! Miss you guys!

These are for my brother, Ayis and his family. I just love the colours of the towels that he had chosen! And, I just love the motif for FATIN and FAWZAN. Cute, don't you think?

Don't you just love these personalised towels? Well, guess what? I am offering sets of embroidered towels at my blog shop - UNIQUELY AZNIQUE  (

Do drop by to take a look on what I have  to offer and to get further info and more details.


Astrid said...

Lovely! LOVELY, Nik! Especially I like the white towels with blue embroidery - my favorite color combination.

Za said...

Thanks, Astrid! I actually thought that my choice of shades of blue did not make the motif come out. But, blue is the brides favurite colour.

NYKOLETT said...

i can't wait to see how my order look like!must be as lovely as those posted here in your blog ya za...

Za said...

Hi Nykolette/Rosni!

I have the embroidery done for the bath and hand towels for both Fazly and Intan. I hope to work on the hand towels tonight, and have them packed up and ready to mail out to you by next Saturday. I will let you know once they have been mailed out.