Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doing piping is now a breeze!

I discovered this awesome and wonderful foot when I was learning to do the Saddle bag from Corine about two months ago.

I was taught to make the bag on the BERNINA, and it comes with quite a number of feet, and one of it is this wonderful feet they call it foot number 10, or, 30, can’t quite remember. But, anyway, it makes making piping a breeze and almost perfect like what you get if you buy readymade piping.

All the while I was taking the class; I wondered why the JANOME does not have such a foot. Then Leena, a friend, suggested that I asked the dealer where I bought the machine from. She was sure that the Janome would have one too, since the Janome is also a big brand name in the sewing world.

I did just that, but, unfortunately, not only do they not carry it, despite them being the sole JANOME distributor in Malaysia, they don’t even know anything about what the foot is all about. *sigh*

I asked if I could have it ordered if they can find out from JANOME international, but they seem lost as to what I was talking about. Bummer! I finally gave up!

So, I did the next best thing – I went online in search of it. I found it at several online shops but many wouldn’t ship to Malaysia. Another bummer!

I did not give up and kept searching for it over several days at night after Aiman was settled in bed. Can’t concentrate to buy anything online when I have a 10 year old son hovering over you, you know. LOL! *grin*

I finally found it at eBay! This eBay seller, David, was very helpful, and it was nice to know that he has shipped many items to Malaysia before. That put my mind at ease.

I immediately put an order for the foot and a couple of other foot too – the top stitch foot which I also learned how to use while doing the Saddle bag from Corine, and the curving foot. I have yet to know how to use the curving feet though. For some reason, the foot did not sit nicely on my Janome.

The first time I made my first piping using my own piping foot, I was like a child who just got her favourite lollipop! I just wanted to show it off to someone! LOL! Alas, it was already late at night when I did my first piping! LOL! *grin*

Ever since I got the foot, I have been making quite a number of bags with piping, and I just love the way the piping gives that value added detail to the bags, other than the piping looking so nice and almost perfect!

Just keep a lookout for more bags with pipings from Uniquely Aznique!


All things beautiful said...

Great job! Lovely touch to the bags. I wish I can invest in a really good machine. It's not the cost but the after sales service (I live in Alor Setar & JANOME / BERNINA are not words in the local vocab!) I have to make do with my old faithful Singer (the model of which I have also lost track! though it's really not that antique yet...)

tini said...

u don't have invisible zipper foot nik? i think it look just like this... not sure if it can be use for piping...

averlyn said...

hi za, just happen to come across your blog. in fact, i am looking for a janome sew machine. can you provide a review of the machine. is it available in malaysia? your kind response is appreciated.

you can response thru my email: