Friday, September 03, 2010

Bon Voyage!

It seems like only yesterday that my brother Nik Ai and his family arrived home for the summer holidays, but already we were at the airport on the 28th of August to send them off. :( It had already been two months since they arrived back sometime in June.

All my siblings were there, but again, minus my sister, Chik, who is in Kota Bharu. Eli, my SIL’s mum and a couple of her siblings were there too to send them off.

Although their flight was only at 3.00pm, but we got there as early as 12.00noon so that we can still have time to chat and spend more time with them.

As with any sending off, the number of people sending off is larger than the number of people that were actually going! LOL! There were 32 of us, and minus my brother and his family of 4, there were 28 of us sending him and his family off! LOL!

Here are just some photos taken at the airport.

My SIL, Eli with her daughter, Sarah.

My mum in the center, with, from left, my nephew Farhan, my niece, Sarah, my SIl, Eli and my brother, Nik Ai.

Aiman with my niece, Fatin.

Don't they just look cute together? *wink*

Me with my nephew, Fawzan.

All in the family!

Here they are going through the immigrations.

I miss them already.........

Good luck, Nik Ai! Can’t wait for when you come back in 3 years time with your PhD. Good luck, Sarah and Farhan on your studies. Eli, start making plans for our business! *wink*


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nikai said...

Thanks for the wish and prayers. Eh, if I finish and Eli follow me back, how to do business as supplier? You should do business now!

Anyway, eid mubarak everyone!