Sunday, September 12, 2010

HARI RAYA 2010 (Day One)

For raya this year, we celebrated it in Kuala Lumpur. As usual, in the morning, we would go for our raya prayers before we head on to my in-laws’ house.

We were the first of my hubby’s siblings to arrive at my in-laws. When we got there, the table was already laden with the usual Johor raya food – Nasi Briyani.

When I first got married some 18 years ago, it took me some time to get used to having Nasi Briyani as a raya food because I grew up with satay and nasi impit being served as the usual raya food. *grin* But, I love my father-in-law’s Nasi Briyani!

I am no fan of Nasi Briyani. In fact, I am no fan of any mamak food. I simply cannot stand the thick briyani taste of the gravy, and would only eat it if it was the last food on earth, or, it was the only food available and I am too lazy to cook! LOL! Ask my hubby, and he will nod in agreement! *grin*

But, my father-in-law’s Nasi Briyani is the only briyani where I would really enjoy very much and would actually take seconds! LOL!  And I love my FIL's Harissa!

My yearly raya contribution is a Carrot Cake. Usually I would just frost the cake with plain Cream Cheese frosting, but, this year, I decided to decorate it a bit, but I took the short cut way – I bought the sugar flowers. *grin*

Doesn’t the cake look nice? *wink*

All my nieces and nephew, my hubby and my son, even my hubby’s aunts look forward to my Carrot Cake. I feel so honoured! *blush* My niece in the US would not eat any other Carrot Cake. That is so sweet. I am touched!

Anyway, back to the raya celebration, after my in-laws’ house, we headed on to my hubby’s aunt’s house, Mak Zai. I love her Lontong, and would have taken seconds had I not be so full with Nasi Briyani.

Seen here is Mak Zai deep in conversation with my hubby. She must be talking business! *wink*

She is one business lady I admire and would love to take some time to get some business tips from her. *grin*

In this photo, seated are Aiman, Lydia, Mak Zai's granddaughter, Mak Zai, and standing behind is my hubby and Ayah Yim, Mak Zai's hubby. 

Aiman with cousin, Lydia.

After Mak Zai's house, we went back to my in-laws'house to meet up with my SILs and brother in-law.

Seen here, starting clockwise, seated next to me on the left is my niece, Rinnie, my SIL, Adeque or Azlin, my niece, Alyssa, my niece, Hilda, and my SIL, Eina.

In this photo, my hubby with all his siblings.

Aiman with his cousin and cousin's cousin.

And more food prepared by my SIL, Azlin.

After Friday prayers, we headed on to another one of my hubby’s aunt, Mak Jah. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos while I was there. *sigh*

In the mean time, at my MIL's house, she was also receiving some friends from her PD (Parkinson Desease) club which she frequents for activities. 

Our last stop on the first day of raya was to my SIL’s house, Eina, my hubby’s youngest sister. No photos there either as we spent a lot of time talking. *grin* Love the Nasi Dagang Terengganu there though. It was something different after eating Lontong twice at both my hubby’s aunties houses. *smile*

We got home only at 8.00pm that day.

Here’s wishing all my friends, readers of my blog, my mum, my in-laws, my siblings and all my relatives, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI! Maaf Zahir Batin!

END OF RAYA DAY ONE. Next – RAYA DAY TWO - A Wedding and more visiting!


Janet C said...

Selamat Hari Raya, Nik & family. I like your matching bajus - all red like Chinese New Year! *smile*

Za said...

Thanks, Janet! 1Malaysia mah! *grin*