Sunday, September 19, 2010

A weekend filled with activities to the limit!

I am tired today (this post was written on Sunday, 19th September 2010). VERY tired! It’s been a very hectic and busy weekend, despite it being an extended weekend for me as I took leave on Friday, and on Thursday, 16th of September was a public holiday to commemorate and celebrate the forming of Malaysia 47 years ago.

The whole morning on 16th September was spent preparing and cooking food as we were expecting our siblings and my in-laws to visit for raya (will blog about that later).

I spent almost the whole day on my feet, and only went to bed at close to midnight when all the cleaning up was done with. Luckily I had my nieces, Kuya, Kuyana and Kuyasmin to help me out with the dishes, while my hubby took care of washing the big items. Thanks, kids! Thanks, Dia!

On Friday, 17th September, was spent sorting out all the pots and pans and dishes which I had taken out for the raya get together, putting them back into their respective places. I also did some organising of my sewing area. I wish I had taken photos before I did the organising as then you would see the difference and know how much effort has gone into sorting all my stash out and organising them.

On Saturday, 18th September, we started our day very early in the morning by having breakfast outside, before we proceeded to visit my late dad’s grave (will also blog about this later).

My hubby then dropped me and Aiman off for Aiman’s class while he went off to the gym. While I was at Bangsar Village, I dropped by Quilt Gallery to get some supplies to make more Little Missy bags. They have some new stock of fabrics, and I could not resist getting some.

Our next stop after Aiman’s class was to have lunch and we decided to have our lunch at Hawker Square, IKANO Power Center, as we wanted to do shop shopping at IKEA. Aiman wants to set up his own room, and so we needed to get some storage items to organise his (I think it is more of MY things, than it is his things, actually! LOL! *grin*) things. I still need to sort out a lot of things in his room before he can actually sleep there as I simply have too many things in there. It has somewhat become a store room of sorts. *blush*

Aiman, as usual, had his favourite Fried Kuay Teow.

I had Portugese Style Grilled Stingray.

My hubby ordered the Chinese Fried Rice.

My hubby and I shared a plate of Fried Oysters with Eggs.

It wasn't as nice as the ones we use to have at Uptown in Petaling Jaya. I miss that one. Maybe I could get hubby to take us there one day.

We wanted to get quite a number of storage items at IKEA, but they were out of stock, so, we settled for only two items – a set of drawers for Aiman, and a set of drawers for us. It was fortunate, actually, that the other items were not available, because it wouldn’t have fitted into our Waja anyway.

We started assembling the two drawer units after dinner, and slept only at 1.00am because the drawer unit for our room took longer to do. It had more parts. Besides that, it was already late when we started on our drawer unit (10.00pm to be exact!) and I kept making silly mistakes. You know how IKEA items are – you have to be precise. 1mm out and the parts wouldn’t fit in together.

On Sunday, 19th September, I spent the day sorting things out and getting things organised. I still have a lot more of organising to do, but things are looking more organised than before. I think I would need another weekend or two before things will look better and more organised.

Here's the chest of drawers for Aiman's room.

A closer look at the deco on top of the chest of drawers which Aiman himself had decorated. He actually has more cars, but he was playing with them when I took this photo.

The chest of drawers for our room in place of where a wicker basket used to sit.

Now we have a problem though. We need to get a new set of chairs. The present wicker chair on either side of the chest of drawers is too wide that it made pulling the drawers inconvenient as we would have to move the chair out of the way first.

My hubby suggested that we run a yard sale via Facebook to sell off some of the things we have which are still good but we no longer have a use for it. What do you think? You think it will work?

If I have time, I hope to paint one of the walls in Aiman’s room as he said that he wanted his room in RED! Can you imagine that? Time to get creative!

Wait for a sequel to this posting if you want to know how the RED turns out in maybe, ........ another year? LOL! *wink*

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Anonymous said...

LOL..I know why he wanted his wall in red.... he probably likes Alyssa's red wall....minus the princess canopy, of course.... :) ~ Foxiscully